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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Exhibition - Syd Barrett's home-made / customised objects

I received this e-mail from Martin at Cheffin's: it looks like there's a chance of an exhibition of several auction items. I've offered to make Lot 675 available if I can be convinced of its safe return... contact details edited out of the following text.

Dear Purchaser,

Two of the buyers from the Estate sale of the late Roger Keith (Syd) Barrett are planning an exhibition in London of as many of his customised and home-made pieces of furniture and art works as possible. I have agreed to forward the below message to purchasers from the sale, however please be assured that no details have been passed on to either Clare Parry or Nick Barnes. Cheffins are simply passing on this information and are not involved with the exhibition in any way, please contact Clare or Nick directly if you are interested in participating in the exhibition.

Kind Regards,

Martin Millard.
Auctioneer & Valuer.


Exhibition - Syd Barrett's home-made / customised objects

To introduce ourselves: our names are Nick Barnes & Clare Parry. We are artists and curators currently preparing an exhibition of Syd Barrett's home-made / customised objects. We were at the auction on 29th of November (a great night!) and were fortunate enough to acquire two beautiful pieces of home-made furniture. We would like to bring a number of Syd Barrett's works together so that they can be appreciated by the wider audience that we feel they deserve. Cheffins has kindly agreed to forward this letter to you so that we can request the loan of your piece(s) for possible inclusion in this exhibition which will take place in London,and will possibly tour.


We also envision a publication to accompany the show. Lenders to the exhibition will not be responsible for shipping, handling, storage or insurance - we will ensure that all ofthe above will be undertaken at the highest professional level by theinstitution / gallery hosting the show (we are aware that some of theworks are quite fragile). We met many of you who were at the sale and have already secured a number of loans. We would really appreciate your reply to this request even if you do not want to participate so that we know which pieces are available. (An auctioneers' lot number or description would be very helpful.)


Also, if you bid successfully on behalf of someone else,would you please forward this proposal to them? We hope you are as excited about the exhibition as we are and will reply as soon as possible (our contact details are above). If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch .We look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best, Nick Barnes & Clare Parry

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