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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Astral Piper Forum Shut Down!

This was posted on Laughing Madcaps today by:

It all started when allegations against Dion were posted by his right hand man and moderator (allegations received from a former friend of Dions in Australia). I won't repeat them all here but basically they accused Dion of behind behind the stalker movie with the creepy music (you know the one), of marketing and selling it online and at various record fairs, of secretly video recording his 'Botanic Garden bench' door stepping of Roger/SydBarrett and various financial irregularities relating to the memorial fund.

The allegations went on at great length and at great detail. Dion dismissed them on the forum and claimed they were all rubbish. I was subsequently pm-ed in private and shown the proof confirming the allegations were not rubbish at all as Dion had claimed. I didn't say anything on the forum -I didn't think it was my place to expose him - though I thought the truth should come out, I didn't want to be the one to do it. So for a long time, I said nothing. Then Dion banned me and gave a false reason (that I had tried to cause trouble between him and his moderator). I believed I had been banned in case I would say something of what I knew on the forum.

A lot of people were shocked at my ban and questions were asked. Dion erased the questions. I found a way of getting back into the forum and confronted him - I said I seen compelling proof to back up the allegations . He banned me again and wiped any threads aluding to it. He also banned another member who's only crime was to show a modicum of sympathy for me. It was a warning shot to the other members not to question him. That shocked a lot of members and people started getting very uneasy at the injustice.

His moderator resigned and deleted his own account. Members started swapping emails and talking about moving to other forums. I once again put it to Dion to come clean, apologise to the forum for lying, and above all apologise to the Barrett family for duping them. The next morning the forum was gone. It was, all in all, a very unpleasant experience and I derived no pleasure from the forum closing. I felt bad for the members.

Fortunately one of them has started a new forum for all the members of the previous one to join. The atmosphere at the new place is a whole lot more relaxed than it had been at the old one and its great to have a good guy with integrity (and no ego issues) at the helm for a change. (Of course, this place is great too, by the way!) As I said - I haven't derived any satisfaction from the whole unpleasant experience. I'm not a confrontational person and had I not been banned (for a bogus reason), then I wouldn't have felt forced to speak out.anyway that's what happened..

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