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Monday, June 4, 2007

Love Poem

This poem was written and illustrated by Syd Barrett for his girlfriend in 1965.

The sketch depicts his girlfriend dancing at a performance by David Gilmour's pre-Pink Floyd band, Jokers Wild, and shows his initials (RKB) in ther corner.

The subject of the poem explains:

"This poem was written for me by Syd Barrett in 1965. I was his girlfriend at this time (my nickname was Twig) and this lovely little poem describes how he felt about me with perfect observations about behaviour, clothes and colours...

"The drawing on the left of the poem shows me dancing and waving my arms in the air... the band playing in the background is ‘Jokers Wild’. This is the band that Dave Gilmour was playing at that time... at the bottom left of the drawing are Syd’s initials RKB." - VB.

Here's what the poem says, approximately (thanks Adrian):

Little Twig isn't big
To you, but she is
To me.
But however I don't like it
When she makes faces.
And she seldom talks
When we go to places
And meet people
And sit around.
But she prances at dances
Gets crushes, takes chances
With boys, wears a hat
No shoes, and they flatter her
Madly. What of that?
Neat, maroon, blue and white
Lace and chord, velvet. Might
Even keep her coat on if it's right.
Next week
All change
To purple
Or black


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