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Friday, July 6, 2007

Top Of The Pops

The Pink Floyd's second appearance on 'Top of the Pops', July 6 1967

Roger Waters: "When 'Emily' was a hit and we were (number #3 in the pop charts) for three weeks, we did 'Top Of The Pops', and the third week we did it he didn't want to know. He got down there in an incredible state and said he wasn't gonna do it. We finally discovered the reason was that John Lennon didn't have to do 'Top Of The Pops' so he didn't (either)."

Peter Jenner: (On the Pink Floyd's 'Top of the Pops' appearances) "The first time Syd dressed up like a pop star. The second time he came on in his straightforward, fairly scruffy clothes, looking rather unshaven. The third time he came to the studio in his pop star clothes and then changed into complete rags for the actual TV spot."


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