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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Have You Got It Yet? Update

have you got it yet?

Here is the track listing for the fist two discs of the upgrade to the Laughing Madcaps group's world-famous Syd Barrett set: Have You Got It Yet Mach II.

01 Lucy Leave
02 King Bee (both cleaned up)
03 Green Onions ("Tomorrow's World" BBC-TV 12/17/67)
04 Int Overdrive (10/31/66 demo 1st gen?)
05 Interview + Int Overdrive (12/66, CBC)
06 Matilda Mother (1/20/67, UFO)
07 Int Overdrive (1/20/67, UFO no voiceover)
08 Let's Roll Another (1/22/67 What Syd Wants?)
09 Instrumental (1/22/67 What Syd Wants?)
10 Arnold Layne acetate (1/28/67)
11 Candy acetate (1/28/67)
12 instrumental (UFO, 2/24/67, prob "Interstellar")
13 PowRTocH (5/14/67 "Look Of The Week" BBC-TV)
14 Astronomy Domine (5/14/67 "Look Of The Week" BBC-TV)
15 See Emily Play (5/21/67) acetate, alt ending
16 slowed-down Emily bit (maybe looped a few times)
17 Set The Controls (8/7/67 mono)

01 Beechwoods (10/19/67)
02 VegMan (5/68? mix)
03 VegMan (1967 instrumental)
04 Remember A Day mono (10/12/67)
05 Scream (8/7/67) 74 mix
06 Scream coda (as on HYGIY 1.0)
07 VegMan (10/11/67, 1974 mix)
08 Untitled, take 7 (9/4/67) aka Madcap's Embrace, Sunshine, etc
09 Reaction In G w/voiceover (9/13/67 Beat Club News)
10 Reaction In G without voiceover (9/13/67 Beat Club News)
11 Paint Box (2/68 Belgian vid mix)
12 Set The Controls (2/68 Belgian vid mix)
13 The Gnome (BBC 9/25/67)
14 The Scarecrow (BBC 9/25/67)
15 Matilda Mother (BBC 9/25/67)
16 Set The Controls (BBC upgrade 9/25/67)
17 Reaction In G (BBC upgrade 9/25/67)
18 Flaming (BBC upgrade 9/25/67)
19 Jugband Blues (mono 10/24/67)
20 Scream (8/7/67 Malcolm Jones 87 mix)
21 VegMan (10/11/67 Jones 87 mix, from What Syd Wants)
22 Flaming mono 45 (Tower 11/2/67)
23 Paint Box (11/12/67 stereo)
24 Vegetable Man (12/20/67 BBC)
25 Scream (12/20/67 BBC)
26 Jugband (12/20/67 BBC)
27 PowRTocH (12/20/67 BBC, longer)
28 Tomorrow's World instrumental (12/17/67 recent BBC upgrade)

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Blogger HoneyPie said...

how to get the CDs?

September 22, 2007 at 7:21 AM  
Blogger RokySyd said...

What's great is that these upgrades mean that there will be much less processing required on these tracks. Everything will sound much warmer and less brittle. The original HYGIY? has been dissected a zillion times and three, big time, PF archivists have been putting out feelers for new stuff and improvements. This has gone on for five years. It's a BIG improvement.

We now have two sound engineers. One is a genius at the "light
touch". He's getting the stuff right off vinyl and close to the
master. He is great at EQing stuff. The other guy is our "Cutter". He's great at scooping out all the ugliness and then making it sound better. He has a bag of tricks up his sleeve to do that. He gets all the audience and 10th generation stuff. Our two sound engineers do
their work and then everything is pasted back together and normalized
as a unit.

The software we're using is a zillion times more advanced. We have more packages and plug ins available. But the tracks are much cleaner and need less processing. See where I'm going?

This is five years of work and technology improvements.

Now, all you Cheetos eating artists, you might want to get your
initial design together. Then we'll tell you what verbiage to put on it. Get you shit together now. We can't wait. HYGIY Train's leaving the station the the Conductor is yelling: "ALL ARTISTS ABOARD THE HYGIY? COVER ART TRAIN!" So get your initial design together.


September 23, 2007 at 8:38 AM  
Blogger Sakari said...

Hi-ho, looks brilliant ! Kudos to you all :-)

September 23, 2007 at 4:12 PM  
Blogger incredibili_dictu said...

How Mach II may be obtained?
Trunks and branches, maybe?
Help pls...


October 18, 2007 at 12:47 PM  

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