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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Updated Tracklisting - HYGIY? Mach II




01 Beechwoods (10/19/67)
02 VegMan (5/68? mix)
03 VegMan (1967 instrumental)
04 Remember A Day mono (10/12/67)
05 Scream (8/7/67) 74 mix
06 Scream coda (as on HYGIY 1.0)
07 VegMan (10/11/67, 1974 mix)
08 Untitled, take 7 (9/4/67) aka Madcap's Embrace, Sunshine, etc
09 Reaction In G w/voiceover (4/26/69 Beat Club TV)
10 Reaction In G without voiceover (4/26/69 Beat Club TV)
11 Set The Controls (2/68 Belgian vid mix)
12 The Scarecrow (BBC 9/25/67 1st gen)
13 The Gnome (BBC 9/25/67 1st gen)
14 Matilda Mother (BBC 9/25/67 1st gen)
15 Set The Controls (BBC 9/25/67 master)
16 Reaction In G (BBC 9/25/67 master)
17 Flaming (BBC 9/25/67 master)
18 Jugband Blues (mono 10/24/67)
19 Scream (8/7/67 Malcolm Jones 87 mix)
20 VegMan (10/11/67 Jones 87 mix, from What Syd Wants)
21 Flaming mono 45 (Tower 11/2/67)
22 Paint Box (2/68 Belgian vid mix)
23 Vegetable Man (12/20/67 BBC 1st gen)
24 Scream (12/20/67 BBC 1st gen)
25 Jugband (12/20/67 BBC 1st gen)
26 PowRTocH (12/20/67 BBC, 1st gen)
27 Tomorrow's World instrumental (12/17/67 recent BBC upgrade)

The list may change again before we're done, but here's where we are currently.

We lost a track. It finally occurred to me awhile back--the stereo mix of "Paintbox" is in print on Relics. Sure, I should've caught that. On the other hand, nobody else did. We have the rarer Belgian vid mix, so that moved down the list to fill the slot where the single used to be.

I also switched around two of the 9/25/67 tracks. Our tape is a 1st gen of the rebroadcast of this session (it's the one that premiered the "Apples & Oranges" single), and the songs are in that order on the tape. The quality isn't nearly as good as the other three that turned up recently, but it's the best source we have until the BBC coughs up the rest of it.

Also, regarding tracks 9-10... they're a bit of a mystery. I don't know which date to put on them. I was once given a date of 01Aug67. Some say they're from 13Sep67, but there's no explanation why these short clips sound so much better than the master tape in circulation. And I still have no idea how it wound up as random background music on a German TV show in 1969, later rebroadcast in the mid-1990s. (Our source is 1st gen 90s.) For now I'm dating it 26Apr1969, when it was first broadcast on German TV. That may be confusing but it's the one firm date I have.

CD1 is more difficult and will take longer, but CD2 is going very well. Tentatively, we have 60 minutes completed for it, so CD2 is about 75% done.

It will be a tight fit getting this tracklist under 80 mins, so something might have to bounce over to CD1. For now, though, CD2 is shaping up to be 27 tracks and 80 mins long.



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