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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Memories of the Green's Playhouse Gig

I attended this with my good friend Angus McRuary, who had purchased Piper some months before. Took the bus in from the burbs. Syd was not on stage, they appeared as a trio, and played, to my 15 year old ears, quite well. But see this in context of the other bands, the Nice and The Move particularly, who also played very well. These were all hot bands that year, the Nice's America being a top ten hit and blowing me away with its six minutes of rock/jazz/classical /psychedelia. Roy Wood's (the Move) lead guitar, mostly through a wah-wah pedal, was especially impressive. Clapton had only just started using one that summer. And, of course, Jimi and the lads who blew everyone away. Mitchell wearing a bright red jump suit and playing like a man possessed. Too much excitement for one night really; we were much too young to appreciate what we had seen.

Gordon Phinn


Blogger jay strange said...

I interviewed Davey O’List back in 1992 for the Ptolemaic Terrascope…here’s his words on being in the floyd for one night…great blog by the way Mick Dillingham
Davey O’List: This was the most exciting period of my life, 1967/68. I’m always thinking about it. Things would happen out of the blue, and everything seemed to be working out really smoothly. Straight after the album we set out on this tour with the Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix used to stand at the side of the stage and watch me play - I was so daunted by it and shy, all the girls would be screaming and I’d have to hold it all together with the mind-blowing prospect of Hendrix watching me play! I used to watch the Floyd every night, I was really interested in them - technically they weren't so great, but what they were doing meant so much - they were incredible. Every night I'd get out into the audience and watch them. I learned their set off by heart doing this. One night, I think it was in Liverpool or Manchester, the band came in and asked me to play with them because Syd had thrown a wobbly and not turned up. I don't know how they knew I knew their set. I was a bit daunted by the idea because all the girls in the audience would be there waiting for Syd to do 'See Emily Play', whereupon they would scream the house down. The Floyd said not to worry, if you wear Syd's hat and keep your face- down nobody will notice! And that's what happened. It was amazing playing with Roger and Nick, I would have loved to have joined the Floyd but I was too shy to say anything to them. I was still very young in those days and not very good at putting my point across. Anyway, the next night Syd had heard that the band had played without him anyway, and he got out of his sulk and turned up. That was that.

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