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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Heavy, Friendly Tribute

Robyn Hitchcock and Heavy Friends
Games For May - Syd Barrett Tribute

May 26th 2007
Queen Elizabeth Hall, London UK

This is incredible! A great audience recording of Robyn Hitchcock and friends playing a tribute to Syd. Get it - enjoy it! (Click on the post title for the link!)


01 - Mathilda Mother
02 - Flaming
03 - The Scarecrow
04 - Jugband Blues
05 - See Emily Play
06 - Bike
07 - Arnold Layne
08 - Candy And A Currant Bun
09 - Pow R Toc H
10 - Interstellar Overdrive


01 - Terrapin
02 - Love You
03 - Late Night
04 - Long Gone
05 - If It's In You
06 - (Wouldn't You Miss Me) Dark Globe
07 - Dominoes
08 - Wined and Dined
09 - Reaction in G
10 - Astronomy Domine
11 - Lucifer Sam
12 - See Emily Play

Robyn Hitchcock - Guitar, Vocals
Kimberley Rew - Guitar
Paul Noble - Bass
Terry Edwards - Keyboards, Saxophone, Trumpet
Morris Windsor - Drums
Dan Woodgate - Drums
Graham Coxon - Guitar
Matthew Cullen - Guitar
Isobel Campbell - Cello

Monday, February 11, 2008

Have You Got It Yet?!?!

It's been a long wait, but it will definitely have been worth it.

Finally, Volumes I and II of Have You Got It Yet? (Mach 2.0) are ready for the world!

Another extraordinary fan-based effort, literally involving years of work, this set is dedicated to the memory of Syd Barrett and also to the memory of Bernard White, who founded the Syd Barrett Appreciation Society, published Terrapin, and was the first to locate most of the material featured in HYGIY.

HYGIY 2.0 Volume One

01 Lucy Leave (May/June? 1965) 02:55
02 King Bee (May/June? 1965) 03:06
03 Green Onions (17Dec67 "Tomorrow's World" BBC-TV) 01:58
04 Interstellar Overdrive (31Oct66 demo 1st gen) 15:07
05 Interview + Interstellar Overdrive (Dec66, CBC) 10:37
06 Matilda Mother (20Jan67, UFO) 02:52
07 Interstellar Overdrive (20Jan67, UFO no voiceover) 04:17
08 Let's Roll Another One (22Jan67 rehearsal) 01:58
09 Instrumental (22Jan67 rehearsal) 01:10
10 Arnold Layne (28Jan67 acetate) 02:38
11 Candy And A Currant Bun (28Jan67 acetate) 02:04
12 Instrumental (UFO, 24Feb67, prob "Interstellar") 04:35
13 Pow R. Toc H. (14May67 "Look Of The Week" BBC-TV) 01:02
14 Astronomy Domine (14May67 "Look Of The Week" BBC-TV) 03:59
15 See Emily Play (21May67 acetate, alt ending) 02:53
16 Emily jam at 16RPM (looped 5X) 00:42
17 Set The Controls (08Aug67 mono) 05:28

Length: 67:23

HYGIY 2.0 Volume Two

01 In The Beechwoods (19Oct67) 04:50
02 Vegetable Man (11Oct67, mixdown May68) 02:41
03 Vegetable Man alt instrumental (09-11Oct67, mixdown May68) 02:50
04 Untitled, take 7 (04Sep67 1st gen) 01:34
05 Remember A Day (12Oct67 mono) 04:24
06 Scream Thy Last Scream (07Aug67 Jenner 1974 mix) 04:41
07 Vegetable Man (11Oct67 Jenner 1974 mix) 02:31
08 Reaction In G (1967, b'cast 26Apr69 Beat Club, German TV 1stGen) 00:44
09 The Scarecrow (BBC 25Sep67 1stGen) 02:18
10 The Gnome (BBC 25Sep67 1stGen) 02:38
11 Matilda Mother (BBC 25Sep67 1stGen) 03:34
12 Flaming (BBC 25Sep67 master) 02:45
13 Set The Controls (BBC 25Sep67 master) 03:35
14 Reaction In G (BBC 25Sep67 master) 00:51
15 Scream Thy Last Scream (07Aug67 Jones 1987 mix) 04:42
16 Vegetable Man (11Oct67 Jones 87 mix, from "What Syd Wants") 02:39
17 Jugband Blues (24Oct67 mono) 03:00
18 Flaming (02Nov67 Tower mono 45) 02:47
19 Set The Controls (18Feb68 Belgian vid mix) 04:53
20 Vegetable Man (20Dec67 BBC 1stGen) 03:37
21 Scream Thy Last Scream (20Dec67 BBC 1stGen) 03:50
22 Jugband Blues (20Dec67 BBC 1stGen) 03:58
23 Pow R. Toc H. (20Dec67 BBC 1stGen) 04:38
24 Tomorrow's World instrumental (17Dec67) 01:45

Length: 75:47

Most tracks have been upgraded from HYGIY 1.0, and the few for which we couldn't find better sources were remastered--sometimes very slightly, often significantly. Noise reduction was hardly ever used. (With such good sources, EQ does a better job in most situations.) Everything originally in mono is now back to mono, which is most of the material.

It's pure mono too, identical in each channel. That means it will compress WAY down. (Lossless flac files of the mono tracks are only slighly larger on average than MP3s @ 320.) That means fast downloads and quick torrenting. These will stream through the starlit skies of the dark globe in no time at all.

A few comments from Steve at Laughing Madcaps

I've said it before but it bears repeating-- we do our best to be accurate with it, but it would be impossible to present these tracks in strict chronological order *and* wind up with a disc you could sit through happily from beginning to end. On CD1 there's a lot of "Interstellar Overdrive" because that was most likely to get recorded back then. On CD2 there would be two consecutive mixes of the lost "Scream/Veg" single, as well as the Beechwoods tape and BBC versions.

The Beechwoods tracks are all of a piece, sonically, so it made the most sense to keep them together. They open Vol 2, which is where they should have been all along--and would have been, had they not surfaced after the original Vol 2 was already out.

Oldtimers know it well, newer members may not be aware... but the Beechwoods tape surfaced because of HYGIY. One of our members had it, assumed it must be circulating, then when he got his discs he realized what he was sitting on. He sent it off to Kiloh and it premiered on HYGIY CD4.

Most of the challenge in programming these discs is in keeping multiple versions of the same tune away from each other as much as possible. So occasionally we have to make a quick detour a few months backwards or forwards. Hopefully these things make emotional sense even when the calendar says otherwise.

We lost a couple tracks when the deluxe "Piper" came out last fall, and others have been eliminated for other reasons.

For example--in the end, we pulled the short clip of "Reaction In G" with German voiceovers. It stuck out like a sore thumb on CD1. It broke the chronology as well as the mood and didn't really add anything. The fact is, we have the same track without the voiceovers, so it's superfluous. The German version will appear on the expanded "Esoterica" volume, where all the related, miscellaneous, fan-created and otherwise oddball tracks wind up.

Also, after an hour or so of comparison listening (with CD3 of the new "Piper") it turned out that the '68 Belgian vid mix of "Paint Box" is not that unique after all.

There are subtle differences here and there. The wav forms don't match up, and the EQ may be different. Even so, it seems like most of the differences between this and the in-print version have more to do with the sourcing than the master tape. Maybe it will turn up on the "misc" volume as well, if there's room.
(That one will be 2CDs when it happens.)

Of course, with that track gone we had to take another look at what was where on the disc and shuffle around a little more. In the end, I think we have two volumes that flow very nicely, tell the story pretty well, and sound great.

Some prefer to remain anonymous, some are no longer with us, and the list is pretty long--so at this time, I'd like to thank everyone who's involved themself in any way over the years. Kiloh and Pete in particular, easily a dozen other people, and ultimately everyone here...thank you, and enjoy.