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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Syd Barrett Tribute

Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Earl's Court, London in October of 1994. This is the version from the old VHS tape of Pulse (which in my humble opinion had much better camera angles than the new DVD). The beginning and a single verse from the middle (at 6:13) had to be edited out to fit it into YouTube's ten min. requirement. But the whole movie they showed at the concert is here since it's probably supposed to represent Syd Barrett's life.

Re: Shine On You Crazy Diamond:

"We originally did the backing track over the course of several days, but we came to the conclusion that it just wasn't good enough. So we did it again in one day flat and got it a lot better. Unfortunately nobody understood the desk properly and when we played it back we found that someone had switched the echo returns from monitors to tracks one and two. That affected the tom-toms and guitars and keyboards which were playing along at the time. There was no way of saving it, so we just had to do it yet again." —David Gilmour, An Interview with David Gilmour by Gary Cooper.

"With the invention of 16 track and 2-inch tape there was the belief for quite a while that there would be something wrong with editing tape that big. Consequently whenever we played these pieces, they had to be played from beginning to end. Particularly for Roger (Waters) and myself being the rhythm section, which would be laid down first, this was [chuckling] a fairly tough business because the whole thing had to be sort of right." —Nick Mason, In the Studio with Redbeard



Blogger Kerri said...

I actually CRY every time I hear "Shine on you crazy diamond!" I"M 43 years old and to this day you are the BEST Guitar and singer EVER! You are and always will be my MENTOR!!!

December 22, 2009 at 3:31 PM  

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