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Monday, April 6, 2009

Syd Barrett A Fish Out Of Water

Syd Baarrett A Fish Out of WaterSyd Barrett A Fish Out Of Water - a CD size book about Syd Barrett. Written in both Italian and English, it includes the story of Syd, photos of Syd Barrett and the Pink Floyd, an interview with Rosemary Breen in Cambridge (interview conducted on February 15, 1994 and August 15, 1995). The interview appears to have been translated from English into Italian and back again! This makes for some problematic language in places.

Also included are pictures of Syd's artwork, a psychoanalytical discussion of Syd's state, and some intriguing reproductions of Syd's own artwork, a discography (includes official releases, videos, radio appearances, Stars live performances, bootlegs, unreleased songs, tributes to Syd Barrett and covers), a bibliography, a listing of Syd Barrett fanzines, Syd Barrett on the Internet and a 3 inch CD of (I'm a) King Bee and Lucy Lea (in Blue Tight) by the Architectural Abdabs. The most interesting aspect of this book is the interview with Rosemary Breen, Syd's sister, since she is the person closest to Syd these days and pictures of his art.



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