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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Lost Syd Barrett and the Pink Floyd Recordings

Syd Barrett and the Pink Floyd



* 1965 Unknown Title (?) from the 1965 demo, Nick probably still has it

* 1965 Butterfly and Double O Bo from the '65 demo - Butterfly aka Flutter By Butterfly and Double O Bo definitely exist. Mason has them from a tape source. Butterfly is said to be the first song Syd wrote. They were recorded in early/mid '65, not '66.

* 1966-03 Syd & Nick Mason Interview by German journalist perhaps after a Marquee Club gig

* 1966-10-31 I Get Stoned and whatever else from that session

* 1966-10-31 Interstellar Overdrive - pre-film version (should be big upgrade)

* 1966-12 Interstellar Overdrive - version for CBC

* 1967-01 solo demo tape Syd did for Joe Boyd - this apparently consisted of material PF didn't want. Joe has said most of it was material he heard later on Madcap.

* 1967-04-03 Arnold Layne and Candy and a Currant Bun recorded at the BBC Playhouse Theatre for broadcast as the Live Session on 'Monday Monday' a BBC Radio Light Programme. (See The Peel Sessions page 319 and Random Precision page 263).

* 1967-08-01? Reaction In G tape used for the German TV b'cast (Date is some what questionable as the entire band was on holiday during the first 2 weeks of Aug '67 save for 2 recording sessions at EMI.)

* 1967-09-04 No Title - 5' complete, pro quality version (aka 'Sunshine'), recorded at Sound Techniques. The tape box simply says “No Title”. This is a backing track to an untitled, unfinished Syd song. An interesting recording up to official release standards. Has a mellotron intro faintly reminiscent of Opel and then settles into a more R&B groove with a neat jangly guitar riff.

* 1967-09-10 Gyllene Cirkeln, Stockholm gig tape - The owner of the club (Anders Lind) is still alive, still has the tape (2 Revox reels) but has honored his agreement not to circulate it. It's time for the band to talk to him.

* 1967-09-25 BBC session in pro quality (Gnome / Scarecrow / Matilda Mother / Set The Controls / Reaction in G / Flaming).

* 1967-09-25 version of Apples & Oranges recorded at the same time as the rest of the 6 track BBC Session. Only the 6 tracks were originally broadcast on 1st October 67, but Apples & Oranges was also played when the session was repeated on 5th November (this time without Set The Controls or Reaction in G). According to Bernie Andrews (session producer) in Random Precision, p92, it was actually the single of Apples & Oranges that was played on Nov 5th, but The Peel Sessions lists it as a BBC Playhouse Theatre recording. I'm more inclined to the Random Precision account but...

* 1967-10-20 In the Beechwoods E68419 - unreleased Pink Floyd song written by Syd Barrett. Finished backing track for unreleased Syd original. Recorded at De Lane Lea. One of Syd’s better efforts. This performance is easily up to official release standards.

* 1967-10-20 John Latham E68416 - unreleased instrumental recorded at De Lane Lea. This was an attempt at recording a soundtrack for a silent film called “Speak” by London filmmaker/artist John Latham. The 4 track reel is still at Abbey Rd.

* 1967-12-20 BBC session in pro quality (Vegetable Man, Scream Thy Last Scream, Jugband Blues, Pow R Toc H)

* 1967-12-22 Christmas On Earth gig soundboard tape. "The Floyd played around 2 - 3 o'clock Saturday morning. A painfully short set of around half an hour..."

* 1967-12-22 Christmas On Earth - "I've heard rumors of a Hendrix interview from that night. Supposedly you can hear "Interstellar Overdrive" vaguely in the background. If it exists, it's a rare tape. I've never been able to turn it up."

* 1968-? Late Night - unbooted take from Syd's first solo session. Recorded at the first '68 solo session, this was scrapped and the backing track for the Madcap version was recorded. A rough mono mix of the first, unbooted version is at Abbey Rd.

* 1968-? Swan Lee with 1968 vocals (the vocals on Opel were done in '69)

* 1968-01-18 Takes 1 & 2 of "Rhythm Tracks"; Parker says there's a remote possibility that this is a recording of the 5-man Floyd, as Syd played his last show w/the band two days later.

* 1968-01-30 Syd's attempt at the Committee soundtrack. Parker discovered the paperwork for the 1/30/68 session but the tapes aren't at Abbey Rd. What is interesting is the session was originally booked as a Pink Floyd session but the paperwork says something like "Syd Barrett took the session". 1/26 was the gig where Syd wasn't picked up so this is only a few days after that.

* 1968-02? Corporal Clegg alt mix for Belgian video (unlikely Syd is on this)

* 1971-? Love You / Interview - Mick Rock interview for Rolling Stone with Syd playing Love You on his 12 string.

* 1972-01 photo or recording w/Eddie 'Guitar' Burns?, Kings College Cellar, Cambridge

* 1972-01-27 Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band gig, Corn Exchange, Cambridge (Syd - guitar, Jack Monck - bass, Twink - drums, Fred Frith - guitar, Bruce Paine - vocals & guitar)

* 1972 multiple Nagra recordings of Stars live shows made by Victor Kraft. Presumed lost.

* 1972-02-26 cassette of Stars opening for Nektar, Cambridge Corn Exchange. Presumed lost.

* 1972-fall Steve Took session masters

* 1974-08-12 complete EMI studio session tapes

* Abbey Rd demos of Wolfpack, Waving My Arms and Living Alone

* Arnold Layne & Candy and a Currant Bun - true stereo mixes from the multitracks (these will likely be lacking vocals)

* Bike - an acetate exists that has alternate lyrics.

* Chapter 24 E63424 - alternate version - a finished unused backtrack that had all sorts of overdubs added

* Early Morning Henry – one take of this title was recorded during the Apples and Oranges. This isn't in EMI's vault, only the paperwork which says "taken on a plastic spool by Norman Smith". Just possibly Mason has a copy, although the title didn't ring a bell with him when asked.

* Games For May sound effects tapes (some were used for "The Man/The Journey")

* Intermental - 10' Jam from Beechwoods session - could be a jam on Beechwoods or something else.

* Interstellar Overdrive - unedited version of French EQ runs 10:20, a minute longer than the LP version

* It Would Be So Nice - the "Evening Standard" version (unlikely Syd is on this)

* Jugband Blues alternate takes

* Lanky (unlikely Syd is on this as it's just a recording of bongos)

* Living Alone - Gilmour has this from EMI

* Nick's Boogie - Saucerful-era version. Unlikely Syd is on this as this is supposedly judy the section of Saucerful where Mason's drums come in.

* Paintbox - There are a couple of reels of Paintbox takes including one with unused Syd guitar overdubs that were to be used backwards.

* Remember a Day - extra takes exist on a Vegetable Man reel

* Rhamadan

* Scream Thy Last Scream E65464 - unreleased Pink Floyd song written by Syd Barrett

* Set The Controls - Syd-centric remix (it appears that the bass riff is Syd's gtr with the treble turned all the way down)

* She Was A Millionaire

* Singing A Song In The Morning - Syd-centric mix

* Stars gig that Spaceward Studios / Gary Lucas has/had that the man from EMI took with him after listening to it

* The BBC Monday, Monday session

* Tomorrow's World instrumental

* Vegetable Man E68413 - unreleased Pink Floyd song written by Syd Barrett - There are a couple of reels of Veg Man takes. One reel is all Veg Man stuff and the other is Veg Man and Remember a Day takes. Crazy Diamond box compiler Phil Smee said he found 3 takes of Veg Man. The one we all know, a faster complete version, and a version with "crazy sound effects whizzing all over the place...".

* Any other bits/outtakes/alternate versions of Syd-era Floyd or solo Syd!

* Note: Random Precision pages 236-239 lists every reel # that contains 1967 Pink Floyd material that is in the vault at EMI.

* Q: is there a "Millionaire" acetate? or one of "Percy The Ratcatcher?" A demo of "Snowing" or "Flapdoodle Dealing?"


* 1966/67 - Yoko Ono recordings? "I have heard that Yoko Ono should have a complete show on film from 66/67"

* 1967 Peter Whitehead more footage from Sound Techniques and/or UFO

* 1967 UFO Film from the same Dutch guy that released the color Soft Machine youtube clip

* 1967-02 Pete Townsend recordings? "supposedly has the entire UFO gig film used for the 1967-02 Granada TV special"

* 1967-02-24 Die jungen Nachtwandler outtakes?

* 1967-03-06 The Rave - Granada TV - Arnold Layne

* 1967-04-29 Nederland 1 TV Studios, Zaandam, The Netherlands, Fan Club TV appearance, broadcast 05-05

* 1967-04-29 14 Hour Technicolor Dream footage - BBC2 or Peter Whitehead? (photo exists showing pro camera man filming the band)

* 1967-07-06, 13 & 20 - Top Of The Pops - See Emily Play - 3 appearances, none of them exist in BBC archives - BBC2

* 1967-07-09 London, Chalk Farm Roundhouse - filmed for BBC2.

* 1967-07-17 or 18 - Come Here Often - London Rediffusion (footage filmed at Tiles Club, Oxford Street 16th June 1967, it was a documentary about the DJ, unknown if any PF was shown.)

* 1967-07-19 Floral Hall, Norfolk (newspaper article claimed it was filmed for BBC, unknown what, if anything, was done with it or even if it was filmed at all)

* 1967-09-18 Belgian "TV Spectacular" (mentioned in Melody Maker, no evidence it ever happened)

* 1967-11-? Perry Como Show - Andrew King recollects that they mimed Matilda Mother

* 1967-11-06 Pat Boone In Hollywood Show, CBS - See Emily Play & Interview, broadcast 12-04

* 1967-11-08 Sam Riddle/Boss City Show in Los Angeles, broadcast 11-11

* 1967-11-25 Opera House, Blackpool - footage from Jimi's set at this gig exists, was any film shot of PF?

* 1967-11? Syd on the tour bus film shot by Hendrix

* 1967-12-22 Pete Townsend recordings? "supposedly has the 1967-12-22 Christmas On Earth show (not clear if that's audio or film)"

* 1968-01 - 5 Man Pink Floyd - silent backstage footage shot by Mason including Syd tap-dancing

* EMI contract signing was filmed in color



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"* 1967 UFO Film from the same Dutch guy that released the color Soft Machine youtube clip"

.....this clip here, if you've never seen it:

June 18, 2009 at 9:19 AM  
Blogger RokySyd said...

From the Laughing Madcaps group:

A couple of notes about the possible '67 vids mentioned earlier.

- The Dutch show Fan Club is long gone. Lots of people have looked into that one and it looks like nothing exists from the show. Ditto for Pat Boone. FWIW Pat
clearly remembers Pink Floyd on his show but has no recollection of any difficulties with any band members.

- The photo of the guy onstage with the big camera pointed at Syd is actually from the Love-In Festival at Alexandra Palace on 7/29/67. More interesting as by
all accounts Syd was in very poor shape that night and that weekend is cited by Rick as the point of no return for Syd. The Love-In Fest was sort of the UK version of Altamont but not as severe.

- The Perry Como Show is very likely Andrew King mis-remembering the Pat Boone show. The Perry Como show ended its run in the early '60's.

- I hope I'm wrong but I can't think of a reason why Townshend would have the Xmas on Earth footage since the Who didn't play that night.

- That guy that had the b&w clip of the Soft Machine at UFO has b&w footage of a complete PF show at UFO. I'm told PF management was interested in it but the quality wasn't that great.

- There is more silent home movie of Syd from the same lot that the Knebworth film. Much better quality.

June 18, 2009 at 6:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The song Early Morning Henry was written by Billy Butler who was with the studio during those years in his band Gullivers People. Norman Smith was their recording engineer as well. I am surprised to see that Pink Floyd recorded the song. Norman might have been shopping the song other bands, unless it is a different song entirely.. but I am pretty sure my dad wrote it. google gullivers people and you will find a few obscure recordings that were also engineered by Smith.

May 18, 2013 at 7:37 PM  

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