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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mike Leonard - 1967 Psychedelic Lights

The first video is fantastic footage of the psychedelic lights by Mike Leonard. Recorded at Mike Leonard's House, London, England. Filmed December 17th 1967. Broadcast by the BBC on January 17th 1968. Featuring the last(?) available video filmed with Syd in the band.

The first four minutes is about the light shows and the segment ends with almost two minutes of an instrumental performance by Pink Floyd. This is directly from a copy of a copy of the BBC DVD Viewing Archives.

The second video is color footage from a documentary about Mike Leonard. Unfortunately, Mike Leonard was pretty much put out of business when word of what American efforts, like Josuha Lights & Jomo Disaster, were doing. Leonard seemed to be focused on different prisms and lenses while the Americans were much more low tech (but effective) with stuff like two clock faces and different oils being mashed together.



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