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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pink Floyd Matilda Mother Acetate

Matilda Mother

Pink Floyd: EMI 10" Acetate - Matilda Mother 3:04. This is a Vinyl Fascists' wet dream come true. An actual aceeeeeeetate!
A song from Pink Floyd's first album, this was written by founding member Syd Barrett. Many of Barrett's songs were inspired by children's stories, and this was based on a book called Cautionary Tales for Children by Edward Gorey and Hilaire Belloc. The book contains some warped fairy tales where all manner of horrible things happen to the poor, but naughty, kids. One of these children was named Matilda. Pink Floyd keyboard player Rick Wright sang most of this song with Barrett singing the last verse.

The unreleased song known as Sunshine is really the last section of Matilda Mother. Matilda Mother had been rerecorded on 7 June 1967. However, Norman Smith decided that the instrumental section in the middle was too long. During an editing session on 29 June, he literally cut the tape into three pieces. The first part was called "Matilda Mother", the second part (the part being deleted) was called "Wondering and Dreaming", and the third part was called "Sunshine" (based on a convenient lyrical reference at that point). Parts one and three were then spliced together to create the official version. On the stereo release, the "Sunshine" lyric in the left channel gets overpowered by the "For all the time spent in that room" lyric that predominates the right channel. To better hear and appreciate "Sunshine", I've made a mono version of just the left channel starting at the splice point.

Pink Floyd - Matilda Mother Lyrics

There was a king who ruled the land
His majesty was in command
With silver eyes the scarlet eagle
Showers silver on the people
Oh Mother, tell me more

Why'd'ya have to leave me there
Hanging in my infant air
You only have to read the lines
They're scribbly black and everything shines

Across the stream with wooden shoes
With bells to tell the king the news
A thousand misty riders climb up
Higher once upon a time

Wandering and dreaming
The words have different meaning
Yes they did

For all the time spent in that room
The doll's house, darkness, old perfume
And fairy stories held me high on
Clouds of sunlight floating by
Oh Mother, tell me more
Tell me more



Blogger RokySyd said...

There is evidence that this is a fake.

June 24, 2009 at 8:13 AM  
Blogger Kittykate said...

Hello people! My name is Kate and I currently own the acetate of Pink Floyds Matilda mother. I stumbled upon your website this morning when I was researching to find out difference between the version on Piper At The Gates Of Dawn and my acetate copy. I have had an astounding response to the eBay listings and I have been bombarded with questions, but I am really interested as to why ROKSYD thinks this is a fake? Where is the evidence please? I bought this nearly thirty years ago for 700 pounds when I was living in London. It was sold to me as an original and I have treasured it for a long time, keeping it hidden from adversity.
Two questions - if it is a fake please send me info, also does anyone have an MP3 file of the song so I can compare it to the acetate please? I don’t like playing acetates due to the rapid wear but I am prepared to do a 30 sec snippet to compare. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

PS What do think about my other PINK FLOYD eBay vinyls?
copy and paste link to see all

June 24, 2009 at 5:12 PM  
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