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Sunday, June 14, 2009

See Emily Play - Three To One

See Emily Play

Check out this rare Canadian psych 45 by Three To One - See Emily Play b/w Give Me Love on the ARC Label. This one's got two MONSTER tracks from Three To One, including what must to be the very 1st Pink Floyd cover in history. You might've heard their creepy cover of See Emily Play on a comp or two before - it's pretty faithful to the original, at least up until the second chorus, when a little girl suddenly pops her head into the studio to ask "Everyone know how to play?" while someone in the sound effects library drops in a bunch of outer space phaser effects from the albino gorilla episode of the original Star Trek series. So yeah, I guess you could say Three To One actually improve a bit on the original classic, which makes you really cross your fingers for the flip (a band original). Turns out it's a great song too, a mystical Middle Eastern magic carpet ride a la 1966 Byrds spiked with some grungy bottom-scraping bass fuzz. Doesn't seem like this band could do any wrong, does it? So guys, where's the unreleased album? Pretty please?

Arc Records. Subsidiary of Arc Sound Co Ltd, which was established in Toronto in 1958 by Philip G. Anderson and William R. Gilliland. At first a record distributor, Arc Sound began releasing recordings under its own Arc label in 1959 and purchased the Precision Pressing Co in 1961. Arc Sound and its subsidiaries came under the control of a Canadian-owned holding company, the Ahed Music Corp Ltd, Toronto, in 1969 and ceased operations in 1986.

Among the earliest of Arc's LPs were those by the popular Newfoundland singers Omar Blondahl and Dick Nolan. Later LPs, some for Arc's Caribou and International Artists labels, presented other Newfoundlanders, including Burt Cuff, Harry Hibbs, Gordon Pinsent, Ray Walsh, and John White. Arc also issued singles by several Toronto rock bands of the mid-1960s under its Yorkville label. Other artists and groups to record for Arc or its affiliated labels included the Abbey Tavern Singers, Bill Amesbury, Terry Black, the Brothers-In-Law, the Majestics, Fred McKenna, Catherine McKinnon, the Metro Stompers, Anne Murray, Ocean, Billy O'Connor, Pat Riccio, Sugar Shoppe, the cast of CBC TV's 'Singalong Jubilee,' Stitch in Tyme, the Travellers, and the Ugly Ducklings.



Blogger oAtStAo said...

hi nice post. come over to freqazoidiac dot blogspot I'm posting my breakdown of the variations of this track - which first appeared in the UK - and then redone in Canada --- hope to see ya

July 7, 2012 at 4:43 PM  
Blogger Felix Atagong said...

At The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit (iggy dot atagong dot com) we have tried to find the truth about the four known low-budget versions of See Emily Play, but the mystery who was behind it only has become bigger.

July 15, 2012 at 4:00 AM  

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