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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Syd Barrett Guitar Replicas Video

Check out this cool Syd Barrett guitar! It's a handmade Fender Telecaster produced by Roberto- an Italian Liuther. The thing that makes it special is that it has Syd Barrett's face painted on it. (The painting is not realized above the varnish, but between the black undercoat and the gloss finish, entirely by hand. Therefore it is an INTEGRAL PART OF THE BODY and could not discolor or break away, remaining unchanged over time.)
The hardware is original Fender.

Then check out this mirrored Esquire Syd Barrett guitar! Of course it is a replica but what a beauty! It even has a video of how the craftsman made it!

Syd's guitar rig while with the Pink Floyd was the following;

- Selmer Piggyback amp
- 100 watt Selmer stereo amp
- Danelectro DC-2 (with two lipstick pickups)
- Fender Esquire (out of phase pickups)
- Fender Strat
- Sovereign acoustic
- Yamaha 12 string
- home made fuzz box
- slide (used a varity of slides... bottleneck, zippo lighter, ball bearings
- Binson Echorec unit

Syd Barrett’s first choice for guitar was the black Danelectro 59. A cool, cheapo guitar with a great, bright single coil tone. Recently reissued by Danelectro.

This guitar was used through his time in Pink Floyd and afterwards, during his solo career. Barrett was constantly changing the guitar: experimenting with pickup combinations and alternate tunings. The guitar was black with a white pickguard and a rosewood fretboard. There are filmed appearances of Barrett with the guitar on the Pink Floyd video London 1966-67: at the UFO Club in 1966 and the band’s first recording session at Sound Techniques Studios, London on January 11-12, 1967. The guitar is also appears in a televised performance of “Interstellar Overdrive” from the UFO Club on January 21, 1967.

Syd’s second choice of guitar, almost as photographed as the Dano, is the Fender Squire (Rosewood Fretboard). The main difference between the Fender Esquire and a Telecaster is that the Esquire only has one pickup, at the bridge. In a televised appearance on BBC-TV’s Look Of The Week on May 14, 1967, Barrett is playing a Fender Esquire guitar with plastic sheeting with mirrored silver discs. The film “London 66-67″ shows Syd using the Dano and the Esquire.

Apart from those guitars, Syd has also been seen using Telecasters (rosewood and maple) and a white Stratocaster.

In a photograph taken at Alexandria Palace in 1967 Barrett is playing a white Fender Stratocaster. On a November 6, 1967 appearance on US television’s American Bandstand Barrett is miming to “Apples And Oranges” with a white Fender Telecaster with a rosewood fretboard. That’s the guitar he also used for their second Top Of The Pops appearance, promoting “See Emily Play” on July 6, 1967.

For Syd Barrett, wannabes, the best choice is a Fender ’60s Telecaster. Which is quite affordable, too!

Amps & Effects:

Barrett’s amplifiers included a Selmer Piggyback amplifier and a 100-watt Selmer stereo amplifier. His use of sound effects began with a Binson Echorec (see below) that he used in Pink Floyd from 1965-67. He can be seen experimenting with the devise during the Sound Techniques, January 11-12, 1967 sessions.

Barrett also owned a home made fuzz box and used various slide techniques with everything from a conventional bottleneck slide to a Zippo lighter and ball bearings. An example of these unique effect combinations can be heard at the end of “See Emily Play” where, in the studio, he used a bottleneck through an echo for the Hawaiian slide effect at the end of the song.



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