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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today's Gig

On June 17 1967, The Pink Floyd played The (Dreamland) Ballroom in Margate, Kent
(Support: Tony Merrick Set)

"Dreamland Ballroom was the place though. Everybody played it. I
remember the queues all along the seafront to see Brian Poole &
The Tremeloes who were almost resident band before they hit the
big time. Great value at two shillings and sixpence. That is
where I started my career playing records while the bands had a
break. I must have appeared with all the chart bands of the era.
If only I had taken a camera with me."
(Roger 'Twiggy' Day, Radio Caroline DJ)

Dreamland, Margate: "Not the main ballroom but another dance
hall/bar alongside the entrance tunnel from the seafront, lots
of holidaymakers".

"I think young people should have a lot of fun. But I never seem
to have any." Syd Barrett


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