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Monday, July 27, 2009

Pink Floyd Jimi Hendrix Concert Program

Pink Floyd Jimi Hendrix

Check out this vintage music program for a tour starring the Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Move, Pink Floyd, The Amen Corner, The Nice, The Eire Apparent, The Outer Limits with Pete Drummond as Compere. The tour began on November 14th 1967 and ended on the 5th December 1967. Measures approx 20.5 cm x 26 cm in size and is approx 16 pages in total.

Jimi Hendrix was a big Floyd fan since 1966. Of course they were big fans of Hendrix too. And Mason loved Mitch Mitchell's drumming (don't we all?). Here's a quote from an interview with Hendrix:

"You've already expressed appreciation in one paper for Pink Floyd, one of the things you admire about Pink Floyd and things they're doing."

HENDRIX: "Oh yeah, well they're doing like a different type of music, they're doing more of like a space type of thing. I mean inner space it seems like. And technically, you know, they're getting into electronics and all this. Yeah, they do like a space type of thing, like an inner space type of thing and sometimes you just lay back by yourself and appreciate them. That's the type of music they're into, so it's good."

Pink Floyd Jimi Hendrix Tour Dates:
14 November - The Alchemical Wedding, Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London, England (Jimi Hendrix tour)

15 November - Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, England (two shows; Jimi Hendrix tour)
17 November - City (Oval) Hall, Sheffield, England (two shows; Jimi Hendrix tour), then: All Nite Garden Party, Queens Hall, Leeds, England
18 November - Empire Theatre, Liverpool, England (two shows; Jimi Hendrix tour)
19 November - Coventry Theatre, Coventry, England (two shows; Jimi Hendrix tour)
22 November - Guildhall, Portsmouth, England (two shows; Jimi Hendrix tour)
23 November - Sophia Gardens Pavilion, Cardiff, Wales (two shows; Jimi Hendrix tour)
24 November - Colston Hall, Bristol, England (two shows; Jimi Hendrix tour)
25 November - Opera House, Blackpool, England (two shows; Jimi Hendrix tour)
26 November - Palace Theatre, Manchester, England (two shows; Jimi Hendrix tour)
27 November - Festival '67, Whitla Hall, Queens College, Belfast, Northern Ireland (two shows)
1 December - Central Hall, Chatham, England (two shows; Jimi Hendrix tour)
2 December - The Dome, Brighton, England (two shows; Jimi Hendrix tour)
3 December - Theatre Royal, Nottingham, England (two shows; Jimi Hendrix tour)
4 December - City Hall, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England (two shows; Jimi Hendrix tour)
5 December - Green's Playhouse, Glasgow, Scotland (two shows; Jimi Hendrix tour)



Blogger Joachim said...

what happend to jimi's video on that tour..I seem to recall that jimi had an 35mm film camera and took shoots in the tour bus.. I want to see that movie...

January 13, 2010 at 5:51 PM  

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