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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pink Floyd 1967 Handbill - KPFA Benefit

pink floyd 1967

Check out this cool Pink Floyd 1967 handbill! It promotes a KPFA Benefit, on October 30, 1967, at the Fillmore Auditorium.

Berkeley FM station KPFA took a lead role as local voice for social activism and causes giving airtime and coverage to the anti-war, civil rights and Black Panther groups. A subsidiary of the Pacifica group, their broadcasts had to look for appeal beyond the college community, and Bill Graham hosted a benefit for the radio station at the end of October.

Broadcasting in 1949 KPFA became the flagship station in the Pacifica Radio network and the first public radio radio broadcaster in the USA. Before that, non-commercial stations were licensed only to promote educational functions of their schools. This venture into listener-oriented programming brought many critics as KPFA aired controversial programming.

The first interview with somebody from the gay political movement was broadcast by KPFA, as well as Allen Ginsberg's revolutionary poem Howl in the Fifties. In 1954, the broadcast by a group of marijuana legalization supporters had the tape impounded by the California Attorney General. In the Sixties, KPFA and Pacifica were accused of being part of the Communist Party, and several attacks on its license were waged, none of them successful.

KPFA is still around too! It's at 94.1 on the dial in Berkeley. They proclaim themselves to be listener sponsored free speech radio. You go!



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