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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pink Floyd Tickets - 1967 Fillmore Auditorium

Pink Floyd Tickets
Pink Floyd Tickets

Pink Floyd Tickets

Check out these Pink Floyd tickets from the ill-fated 1967 American Tour. The dates are: Oct 26, 1967 - Oct 28, 1967; Nov 2, 1967 - Nov 4, 1967; Nov 9, 1967 - Nov 11, 1967.

The Oct 26, 1967 - Oct 28, 1967 shows had to be cancelled because the band failed to get their work permits ready on time. A Nov 1, 1967 gig at the Whiskey A Go Go was also cancelled.

Bill Graham was livid over the canceled dates, and swore to ban the group for life if they didn’t appear for the Nov 2, 1967 - Nov 4, 1967 set of dates.

Syd was in rough shape. During one of these shows at the Fillmore, Syd slowly detuned his guitar on stage. It was at an LA gig where he slopped his noggin with the bryll cream and mandies. There was also an infamous appearance on the Dick Clark show where he refused to mime.

To make the tickets unique and hard to duplicate, Bill Graham Presents printed their own concert tickets, most of which are now considered beautiful works of art in their own right. They were usually miniatures the show's promotional poster art and were typically color-coded to indicate multi-night engagements.

So that the Promoter could track sales each night, fans purchased tickets at the Fillmore box office and handed them right back over at the door, thus ending up in the archive as mint condition concert tickets.



Anonymous therealgaryhill said...

Regarding the Brylcreem (correct spelling) & mandies myth that has been doing the rounds since Nick Kent's 1974 article on Syd (NME)
It provides a very dramatic opening
to the article and has been oft repeated elsewhere. However Kent states of this story in his third paragraph 'This story is probably true,It exists amidst an infinity
of strange tales-many of them fact,just as many wistful fiction'
Here's a fact that strongly suggests that this story falls into fictional category. Mandrax only began being manufactured & marketed in 1969...
Makes you wonder about the veracity of this hoary old chesnut,huh...

August 28, 2009 at 6:27 AM  

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