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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Ennnnnnnnnnnnglish and Modern Rock Music

Modern Rock Music

The Ennnnnnnnnnnglish were rammed down my throat and I suffered from brainwashing. I thought that the Ennnnnnnnnnnnnnglish invented psychedelic music. I thought that the Ennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnglish had done everything worthwhile in music from the beginning up to the present.

See... Hendrix was dead, plus he was black. Maybe he was an abberation, a fluke. Also, Hendrix hadn't finished his transformation to MUSIC GOD by the late Seventies. According to what I was taught by the ROCK CRITICS and ROCK RECORDING LABELS all we had to go up against the Beatles and Stones were the wimpy Beach Boys and Byrds or the laughable Paul Revere and the Raiders; or the slap-happy Grateful Dead.

Then we had the loser California Country sound with the horrible CSN&Y, America, the Eagles and more. This stuff was no match for what was coming out of Ennnnnnnngland. It was a joke.

But when they tried to ram Peter Frampton down my throat as the next Ennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnglish God I said: "ENOUGH!!!!!!" Then Zappa came out with Shiek Yerbouti - I Have Been In You and slammed that little sellout hard. I loved it. It made sense to me.

Around 1979 I got into the Grateful Dead more and more and more and then discovered Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. A few years later the Amazing World of American Garage/Psych was revealed to me.

After I learned about all of the American Garage/Psych (and I am still learning). I reinvented my view on Rock Music. In the new view the Ennnnnnnnnnnnnnglish were vapid copiers and slavish thiefs of the American psychedelic music coming out in 1965 - 1967. Obviously, they bought all of those Velvet Underground, 13th Floor Elevators, Red Crayola, Electric Prunes, Love, Mothers - LP's; 45's and much, much more and they then clumsily tried to play it. This was then repackaged by traitor American recording labels as the "new" Ennnnnnnnnnnnnnglish sound.

But the, thought to be then, "dead" branch of American Garage/Psych Music proved to be the wellspring of Modern Rock. It went like so: American Garage Psych > Punk > Alternative > Today. There is a straight line that can be drawn there.

All of the Ennnnnnnnnnnnglish psychedelic, California Country, Progressive Rock, New Wave and what-the-fuck-ever/who-gives-a-fuck-anyhoo? All of *that* are the new dead branches in the Tree of Modern Rock Music.

That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Where does Syd Barrett fit into all of this? He was an abberation, a fluke. He was an Ennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnglishman who was actually doing something extremely innovative and new. But he sacrificed his mind to do it.



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