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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Laughing Madcaps - RIP Rebecca

Laughing Madcaps

Laughing Madcaps

Laughing Madcaps

Laughing Madcaps

Recently, the Laughing Madcaps group became one shorter. We lost much admired and liked member Rebecca (Rybeka - pinklady). Our own Arthur (authorvic) has written some of his thoughts about Rebecca to share with us. Look below:

Re: "Picture a big yellow rose. It's from me."

Those were the last words Rebecca wrote to me back in March 2009. I think that she would probably like to extend this wish to all the members of the Laughing Madcaps, even those she disagreed with, as her way of saying "don't be sad".

She and I began exchanging emails back in 2006. At first, they were mostly about our mutual love for Syd and his music. But soon they expanded into other musical interests - she adored Todd Rundgren - then music trading and then everything under the sun.

Funny enough, I coined her nickname "Rybeka" (I in turn became "Arthyr") so when I noticed her using it on ML, I couldn't help feeling a little special pride.

But anyone who corresponded with her had to feel proud that she considered you a friend. She knew alot about alot of diverse subjects. Rybeka steered me to a couple of books of mutual interest that I remain indebted to her for, as they were both engrossing and enlightening.

Whenever I went to my Yahoo inbox, anything from "pinklady" always got opened first. I imagine this was the case with all her friends. She had a gift for offering wisdom with a laugh and as light-hearted as she was, you knew you were talking to one very smart lady. Our volume of emails grew so large, I opened a "Rybeka" folder that holds 109 messages and now, sadly, will hold no more.

Unfortunately, she never gave any hint of having a terminal health issue. I guess she was too proud to. If I, or any of her friends on the list, knew she was seriously ill, we'd have done what we could for her. The signs were there, in retrospect. Her posts to the group got fewer and fewer and then stopped altogether. And in the last couple months, I'd been thinking that I should write to her since we hadn't spoken in so long. I'm so sorry I never did.

But the sorrow we feel at her passing is nothing compared to that felt by her family - her son Douglas, his wife (who Rybeka loved as her own), her grandson and her aunt, to whom I/we owe a debt of thanks for telling us that Rebecca is gone.

A final note - one of her favourite Pink Floyd songs was "Remember A Day". Let's all remember the days we were lucky enough to share in Rebecca's wonderful spirit.

Those that want to attach a note to Rebecca can do so by utilizing the Comments link at the bottom of this post. RIP Rebecca.

Please see also pictures of Rebecca's son, Douglas, and daughter in-law, Lindsey. We know that she loved them both and would have been happy to have their pictures included in her post here.



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