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Friday, September 25, 2009

Peter Whitehead Footage with Pink Floyd Interstellar Overdrive

Peter Whitehead footage with Pink Floyd Interstellar Overdrive.

Peter Lorrimer Whitehead is an English filmmaker who documented the counterculture in London and New York in the late 1960s. He is also known for his work as a director of promotional film clips (precursors to the modern music video) including "Insterstellar Overdrive" for Pink Floyd and several clips for The Rolling Stones.

Quote from Peter Whitehead, "The Floyd were playing the perfect music for what was happening at that moment. People were going there, stoned out of their minds on acid, and that just changes your perception of time. You're not interested in songs that last for 2'37". There is no point. They were taking a number of basic elements from pop music, but Syd was pushing it into as many directions as he could away from all that. Roger was trying to hold that back. It was getting looser and looser, but the music would have held together and been successful if Syd had not, you know, simply gone on a 24-hour trip every day, every day. And that's what finally blew it. All the talent and originality, the best improvising, psychedelic thing, went with Syd, and the rest of them carried on with their less interesting mainstream, metaphysical science fiction music."



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