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Friday, September 18, 2009

Syd Barrett Untitled Words

syd barrett untitled words

Check out this 7" (top image) that went with the Italian Where is the Madcap Called Syd? book. Stampa Alternativa Catalog#: SCONC 006, Format: Vinyl, 7", EP, Country: Italy Released: 1988 Genre: Rock Style: New Wave, Art Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Notes: Free 7" included with the Syd Barret book released by Stampa Alternativa.

Syd Barrett, Untitled Words - Lyrics:

(We're running)

Stained, glaucous, glycerine, gold, goat, clover gold, local, stocks, type, food, wild, national, lake, flag, valve, gyroscope, sect, heat, helium, lead, bare, state, invention, medieval, refraction, faction, ultra-action, hunter, interest, bullet, market...

Loads, liquids, neon, heater, jaws, jungle, mains, signal, knives, kitchen, ingot, lovely, mirror, mold, Mycenaean, moat, poppy, rubber,
radar, rags, sugar, teak, silver, poke, tin, beetroot, carrot, ebony, fruit, copper, silk...

Carpet, distant, pigmy, hid, pack, timber, pudding, straw, raindrops, spattering, ramps, chameleon, prairie, pods, trigger, museum, scales, square, ultra, out of map, vent, volcano, vain, wreck, tactic, tidal, arches, valley, hand, inflect, impression, loom, last, molten, you gamma, meeting, lighting, signal, island, coral-cold

Here’s a vid of Blur frontman, Damon Albarn, playing Untitled Words for the Madcaps Last Laugh @ the Barbican, London, 10th May 2007.



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