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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Robert Fripp - Frippertronics: Influenced by Syd?

Here's Fripp demonstrating his Frippertronics. This footage is probably 25 years old (at least). It's only from hanging around in here that I learned that Fripp is a huge devotee of Gurdjieff. All I know is that he's out there.

I saw Fripp do this shit in 1981 in a club in NYC. I was on three hits of green barrel acid. I thought the acid had to be shit because it was green barrel; so I ate three. It turned out to be really pure. You never fucking know. All that shit was made in some trailer park.

But Fripp blew my young mind.

I've always thought that Fripp must've been a Syd Barrett fan too. Fripp was a youngster in all of those Ennnnnnnglish clubs when Syd was eating whole sheets of acid, smearing his head with Bryll cream and crushed up Qualudes, detuning his guitar while he rolled ball bearings up and down the neck and don't forget to put the whole mess through an EchoRec. Let the bass and drums hang on for dear life.

I've always thought that Fripp was influenced by Syd Barrett. Fripp does something like what's above but in a 100% controlled manner. Plus, Fripp doesn't do drugs. He would never dream of smearing his head with Bryll cream and crushed up Qualudes. The guy performs wearing a suit and tie.

But Fripp is friggin' out there.



Blogger RokySyd said...

--- In, Neville Harson wrote:
"I was really into Fripp until I saw The League of Crafty Guitarists at some
point in the 80's. It was him and maybe ten of his students all playing
acoustic guitars. Unlike his stage relationship with Belew, this time it seemed
like he was trying to get all these other people to play (and sit) exactly like
him. I wasn't even on acid but it seemed so controlling, so egotistic, and in
some twisted way, kind of evil. It was like that scene in the Electric Kool Aid
Acid test where the Merry Pranksters go see the Beatles at Cow Palace. 20 years
later I'm willing to agree that there may be another way of seeing this..."

Dude, I saw the League... in Poughkeepsie at the Chance club. I HATED it. It was
live evil, Chinese-cat scratching, music. And all of the students wore these
matching costumes straight outta a Star Trek convention. They sat and stared
straight ahead.

Everyone was screaming for "Red" and other King Crimson stuff. Fripp got pissed
off and demonstrated it by wailing out about 20 seconds of Red and then sitting
back down.

Everybody was fucked up and actually booing this show. It was a real negative
vibe. There was some broad in a red Star Trek convention dress that did some
spoken word stuff with them too. She was pissed off too. Poughkeepsie was her
hometown too; she was a graduate of Arlington High School.

Anyway, I did a hit of blotter that some Syd Barrett fan had sent me in the
mail. He actually sent me six hits tucked into a cassette box. I pulled out the
cassette and the gift fell out.

So I ate one for Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists. I fucking hated it!
It put me on a total bummer. It was like little Chinese dwarves hammering in my
mind with psychedelic hammers. And they (Fripp and his students) looked so
fucking weird too.

Anyway, after the show, I was expressing relief that it was over. I was driving
home with my best friend. I threw the other five hits of acid out the window of
the car as we were driving. My friend slammed on the brakes of the car and
screamed: "YOU THREW ACID AWAY?!!!" I* was like: "Yeah, drive motherfucker,
drive." That was the last time I have ever tripped.

Oh, I ate a mushroom cap at a Grateful Dead show in 1994 but it didn't really
agree with me. I was done after Fripp.

October 14, 2009 at 8:32 PM  
Blogger lavendercat said...


i dont think you even need to take acid.

but yeh.

great story :)

October 30, 2014 at 10:02 PM  

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