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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Syd Barrett Jugband Blues - Video of Young Person Covering Song

Here's a message from the young person:

"I have been working with a young looking Syd Barrett who has learned almost all of Syd's music acoustically with vocals... I want to put together a traveling tribute to Syd Barrett's music.

I threw a quick video of one song, Syd Barrett Jugband Blues, I know it is a Pink Floyd song but he knows almost all other Syd's songs from Barrett and Madcap Laughs and Opel. In a perfect world he would make a great opening act to any of the great Pink Floyd tribute bands out there.

I need help and direction and I know this site is the place. We have put together a complete show on paper but need help to get it to the next level. We are in Florida but are willing to travel to get this going. I don't think I have ever seen a full Syd Barrett tribute beside full groups of people playing Syd's music.

We want to do an acoustic, Syd show from his "bedroom" in Cambridge. Please if anyone can help or throw us in the right direction I think this is needed after all of these years. We who love Syd's music should be able to enjoy it live and imagine what it was or could of been like. Thanks.... here is you tube video of young Syd Barrett... btw.. I have reserved a web site, but need help putting on line. I just bought the domin name for now... any way thanks..."

Contact him here:



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