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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Amazing Syd Barrett Autograph Piece

syd barrett autograph
syd barrett autograph

syd barrett autograph

syd barrett autograph

syd barrett autograph

Amazing Pink Floyd piece! A "museum quality" autographed album and photograph display that is just breathtaking in person. It measures 45" x 36" and is comprised of six 8" x 10" promotional photographs and a brass nameplate with the names of the first incarnation of this legendary band.

The signed album is signed by Roger Waters, Nick Mason & the late great Richard Wright in gold paint pen. Lastly, it is signed in black by the late and reclusive Syd Barrett. A Syd Barrett autograph is impossibly rare to find.

The album is a special edition in colored vinyl of "There's Somebody Out There". This is the rare 1989 Baktabak limited edition interview album. It has been triple matted in Red Velvet matting with a wooden frame.

I don't know how they obtained Syd Barrett's autograph post 1989; or how they got him to sign it: "Syd Barrett". I guess stranger things have happened. Either that or it's a fake.



Blogger Scott said...

I'm really upset I lost the image, I saved it, but there was an eBay listing for a Syd Barrett autograph on a record of Relics signed

"S.Barrett 03"

It looked just like other sigs, the muted kind without the big letters. No big crosses on the "tt"s or anything.

I kinda doubt this is his simply because of the hand writing, but who knows?

November 10, 2009 at 9:28 PM  

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