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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Syd Barrett - Barrett LP Advertisement

syd barrett
Take a look at this vintage UK newspaper advertisement for the Syd Barrett - Barrett LP. Boy, that sure makes me want to buy the album; a fucking fly and nothing else.

Of Syd's two solo albums, "Barrett" is perhaps more readily accessible than "The Madcap Laughs" simply because it features a more typical rock line-up and a more traditional "songs" approach. But there is nothing typical or traditional about "Barrett".

This album is eccentirc in different ways: the "oh I forgot I was playing a solo" solo in "Gigolo Aunt", the bizarre atmosphere of "Maisie", the stylistic symmetry of song pacing between side one with side two, on the album anyway. (Baby Lemonade / Gigolo Aunt. Love Song / Waving My Arms in the Air. Dominoes / I Never Lied to You.

There is a pervasively sad beauty to everything. Sad not from pain, but from surrender to a nostalgia and longing. These are the emotions that provide the record with a deeper sense of organization, intentional or not.

Some of Barrett's lovliest songs are here, including "Baby Lemonade", "Love Song", "Dominoes", and "Gigolo Aunt". "Waving My Arms In The Air" ranks very high among my favorite Barrett songs, "Wined And Dined" is an achingly beautiful love song, and "Effervescing Elephant" is a charming nursery ditty (try singing this one as fast as possible without running out of breath). Not a bad song here.

Track listing
All songs by Syd Barrett.

"Baby Lemonade" – 4:10
Take 1, Recorded 26 February 1970
"Love Song" – 3:03
Take 1, Recorded 17 July 1970, overdubs added 17 July
"Dominoes" – 4:08
Take 3, Recorded 14 July 1970
"It Is Obvious" – 2:59
Take 1, Recorded 17 July 1970, overdubs added 20 July
"Rats" – 3:00
Demo, Recorded 7 May 1970, overdubs added 5 June
"Maisie" – 2:51
Take 2, Recorded 26 February 1970
"Gigolo Aunt" – 5:46
Take 15, Recorded 27 February 1970, overdubs added 2 April
"Waving My Arms In The Air" – 2:09
Take 1, Recorded 27 February 1970, overdubs and new vocal track 2 April
"I Never Lied To You" – 1:50
Take 1, Recorded 27 February 1970, overdubs and new vocal track 2 April
"Wined And Dined" – 2:58
Take 10, Recorded 14 July 1970
"Wolfpack" – 3:41
Take 2, Recorded 3 April 1970
"Effervescing Elephant" – 1:52
Take 9, Recorded 14 July 1970,

Syd Barrett: guitars, lead vocals
David Gilmour: production, 12-string acoustic guitar ("Baby Lemonade"), bass, organ ("It is obvious", "Gigolo Aunt", "Wined and Dined"), drums ("Dominoes"), backing vocals
Richard Wright: production, keyboards, piano, harmonium, hammond organ
Vic Saywell: tuba
Jerry Shirley: drums and percussion
Willie Wilson: percussion
John Wilson: drums
Peter Bown: engineering



Anonymous Harold Lepidus said...

very cool . . . an actual ad from 1970 . . .

i love anything like this- a genuine artifact !

November 4, 2009 at 7:00 AM  

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