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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pink Floyd Zabriskie Point

Pink Floyd Zabriskie Point Explosion /(come in number 51, your time is up), re: Pink Floyd's originally called "Careful with That Axe Eugene" was included in his album "Ummagumma" released the 17 December of 1968.

The group re-recorded the track, and renamed it, in the key of E minor instead of the original D minor, in 1969 for the Antonioni's Zabriskie Point film. The Pink Floyd tracks, "Heart Beat, Pig Meat", "Come In Number 51",the somewhat country-like "Crumbling Land", are like much of the music that followed the immediate departure of Syd Barrett. Rather spacy and drifting.

«The explosion apparently represents the psychological separation from corporate greed, superficiality, and racial injustice.»
New York Times - February 10, 1970



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