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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Astronomy Domine - Lyrical Analysis

Astronomy Domine

By Geelerfeeler. First posted on the LaughingMadcaps, Syd Barrett, group in 2004.


Interpretation of the contents:

If you look at the verses technically, it's all playing with words, alliterations & rhymes.
At the same time it's contents describing an acid trip, or similar experience.

"Lime and limpid green a second scene, the fights between the blue you once knew"

The familiar shades of blue (the sky, the sea) fights against dissolvement & looses, altered into different shades of (translucent) green. What was percepted as the world to Our knowledge is metamorphosed into other shapes & colors. That is the second scene. A new world.

"floating down the sound resounds around the icy waters underground"

Sounds & colors become the same & floats down into the frost in the ground, undermining it.. The ground being the platform of Our existence.

"Jupiter and Saturn Oberon Miranda and Titania, Neptune Titan stars can frighten"

A closer look at this new emerged underground scene, the spotty colors become stars
in the space. The stars being isolated units of energy. A panicking sense of giddiness,
of being completely lost, falling between poles miles apart.

"Blinding signs flap, flicker flicker flicker blam pow pow"

Suddenly the self gets aware of a platform, & everything else starts to fall.
The reaction is movement out of control, flashing lights, sounds of explosions.

"stairway scare Dan Dare who's there"

Standing on the verge of another dimension is like looking down a stairway to the
unknown. What is hidden in the basement? Does one dare to even ask who's there?

"Lime and limpid green the sound surrounds the icy waters under
lime and limpid green the sound surrounds the icy waters underground"

Vision, sound & sense are all floating round like a hideous vortex.
The self is lost in an angry trip.

Technical analysis:

Allitterations marked x_
Rhymes marked -x

Trying to mark out all the alliterations & rhymes of this lyric makes it look
like complete gibberish, but it also points out that the content might have come
in second hand in the making of it (or was it a tie?). It's interesting enough.
The meter is mainly trochaic, first & third line ended with a spondee, second with a single stressed syllable. The last lines are spondaic. The fifth line doesn't follow this pattern at all. However, the meter is all very eloquent, though I doubt it follows any known form.

L_ime and l_impid gr-een a s_econd s_c-ene
the fights b_etw-een the b_-lue you once -knew
floating d-own the s_-ound res_-ounds a-round the icy waters under-ground
Jupiter and Saturn Oberon Miranda and Titania
Neptune T-itan stars can fr-ighten

Bl_-inding s-igns fl_ap fl_icker fl_icker fl_icker bl_am p_ow p_ow
s_tairway s_c-are D_an D_-are who's th-ere

L_i(_)me and l_impid gr-een the s_-ound s_urr-ounds the i(_)cy waters under
l_i(_)me and l_impid gr-een the s_-ound s_urr-ounds the i(_)cy waters undergr-ound



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