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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Syd Barrett Baby Lemonade Lyric Interpretation

Syd Barrett Baby Lemonade


"In the sad town cold iron hands clap the party of clowns outside"

This is a sad song. It took a while to decide that it was, because the lyrics are thicket like & hard to explain without beeing far fetched


Say You're like a house, but You're so sad You're a "sad town". What then sounds are like terrible noise brought about by iron hands applauding. Imaging that for a tinnitus!!! Outside Your "sad town" every body else are just hunky dory, fine and all & to You they are just like clowns on a party

"rain falls in gray far away"

None of the clowns notice it, but in the horizon rain pours down, could it be the future looks disastrous?

"please please baby lemonade"

First I thought this was just Syd's way of mocking the record business demand for a shallow & chewing gum like refrain. But it can also be; If a boy loves a girl too much, her given name won't fit the image he has of her. He will be her "baby", & she will be his "lemonade"...& henceforth thou shall be: "Baby Lemonade"

"In the evening sun going down when the earth streams in in the morning"

Sounds like a paradox, but It can be true if You shoot the picture from two different angles. So what does it mean? Maybe nothing! Maybe there's always two different aspects to a given situation. You can decide

"send a cage through the post make your name like a ghost"

The same here. It could mean nothing, just a way to put sounds together. If I make some sort of explanation, it will be to express Your sorrow & captivity (the cage) to the outside world by making a song, record it (send it through the post) & by doing that You "make Your name like a ghost". It can be some sort of ritual to chase away the bad spirits (the sorrow & loneliness)

"please please baby lemonade"

By reaching out to the outside world, the poet calls for his lost love (baby lemonade)

"I'm screaming I met you this way you're nice to me like ice"

Ha ha !!! That's funny. Chilled lemonade perhaps???

"in a clock they sent through a washing machine"

Another far fetched theory: Time heals all wounds, washes away the pain like a washing machine through a clock (the time)

"come around make it soon so alone"

Even if the lemonade is cold like ice, the poet still wants to meet her

"please please baby lemonade"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always wondered if Syd wanted a (golden) shower. Forgive my crudeness.

April 23, 2017 at 5:01 AM  

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