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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Syd Barrett Dark Globe - Lyrical Analysis


"Oh where are you now pussy willow that smiled on this leaf when I was alone you promised a stone from your heart"

As Prefab Sprout puts it in "Couldn't Bear To Be Special" (...Oh words are trains, for moving past what really has no name....) & Syd is a master at this. So what is (..pussy willow..)? Well it's neither a cat or a tree. More like a sprouting bud. To me it's the innocence of childhood, forever lost. A fashback of the light green sparkle of the spring of life. (...a stone from your heart...) The stone could be a boulder, but it would fit the concept better if it was a jewel. I'ts very beautifully put. You can read it either way.

"My head kissed the ground I was half the way down treading the sand"

Could it be the head kissing the ground in praise? I would say it's another metaphor for what Syd was & what he became. He was half the way down to the ocean of eternal poetry, but he was stranded. (make comparison to Opel here !). There's a line from an early lyric of It's Obvious that goes: (...stranded I'm wrapping my ears, when her lions ask why...). For more reference of being stranded, also from It's Obvious, (...stranded on the spikes, my blood...)

"please. Please lift a hand I'm only a person whose armbands beads on his hands hang tall"

The poet adresses himself directly: (...Please lift a hand...). He knows too well his arms (read; the creativity) are hanging limp, & he illustrates this with the beads hanging tall on his hands.

"won't you miss me wouldn't you miss me at all ?"

Self explanatory...

"The poppy birds weigh swing twigs coffee brands around brandish a wand with a feathery tong"

This doesn't make much sense to me. It's quite bizarre. I think it's a surreal image, that doesn't need to be explained. It's like a depiction of a dream, & Syd put it in the context not asking why. He was surely free to do so.

"My head kissed the ground..."

It's like the poppy birds bit could have been more coherent, Syd having full contact with his lost muse. Now only a strange throaty chirp of flashing colors & strange things swirling around.

"Please lift a hand I'm only a person with eskimo chain I tattooed my brain all away"

The "eskimo chain" being a chain of reactions leading to Syd's disintegration. (see last verse of Late Night for a reference) "eskimo" refers to the freezing atmoshere. The tattooes are images, like the poppy birds, that makes no sense. Obviuosly caused by LSD.

"won't you miss me wouldn't you miss me at all ?"

Yes I would...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"eskimo chain" like a line of sugar cubes (looking like blocks of an child's igloo) but sadly this line of sugar cubes was no child's construction but a chain of acid taken in sugar cubes, resulting in a "tattooed brain". The verse seems like a statement of a self awareness of permanent changes.

October 26, 2010 at 6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The poppy birds way swing twigs coffee brands around brandish a wand with a feathery tongue"

Restated as "The poppy birds have a way of swinging twigs in their feathery tongues as if brandishing a brown (coffee) brand or brandishing a wand."

The line simply describes watching birds singing and building nests as they collect twigs. Maybe like missing the band (nest) and wands/brands are like guitars swung around...the poppy birds being "singers".

November 15, 2010 at 5:54 AM  
Blogger FVRIVS RVFVS said...

Iggy the Eskimo

Model/Girlfriend of Syd Barrett

Broke his heart

April 3, 2016 at 6:57 AM  

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