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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Syd Barrett Video - 7 Ages of Rock

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pink Floyd 1967 - Love-In Festival at Alexandra Palace

Pink Floyd 1967 - check out this bit of footage from the International Love-In Festival at Alexandra Palace, London, 7-29-67. The acts were: Pink Floyd, The Animals, Brian Auger Trinity with Julie Driscoll,Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Creation, Tomorrow ,Blossom Toes,The Nervous System, Apostolic Intervention, Sam Gopal Dream, Ginger Johnson Overhead Lightshow.

The concert was an all-night International Love-In but was overshadowed by the more well known 14 Hour Technicolour Dream, which was staged at the same venue and on the same date in April. This event seems to have been more conventionally staged with only one band playing at a time ( which must have been much more pleasant, as the Alexandra Palaces' acoustics leave much to be desired ). Pink Floyd and many other bands played in front of huge light shows that had become staples of the scene, while the London psychedelic glitterati mingled with others fortunate enough to get tickets. Supposedly, Syd freaked out at this gig and played terrible.

Check out the footage to see (I think) Syd Barrett and Nick Mason at 2.22 into the footage.

Also, Eric Burdon might have liked LSD but he should have stayed with the blues. His psychedelic stuff sounds awful and (I think) led to his fall from the charts.

Here are some quotes from Mike Godwin of Bath who was there...

Yes, the Floyd did indeed play at that gig. However, it was the first Floyd performance that I had attended where I picked up any intimation that all was not going well in the group, as they played a notably uninspired set - a real contrast to the 'Games for May' show where they were at their stunning peak.

Tomorrow were wonderful as always, playing 'Strawberry Fields Forever', 'My White Bicycle', 'Incredible Journey of Timothy Chase', 'Real Life Permanent Dream' and several other songs, with Steve Howe doing all the musical work on his big wah-wah Gibson guitar whilst Keith, Junior and Twink freaked out playing with an imaginary volleyball - you know the way they used to do.

Blossom Toes were smashing, even though the power failed on them and they had to finish their set chanting 'Love us like we love you' to a tambourine rather than playing the instruments. It was the first time I had ever seen them and they were always excellent value.

Eric Burdon and the New Animals were impressive and really quite psychedelic, performing 'Sky Pilot' and some other stuff. I bumped into Julie Driscoll at a Keith Tippett concert the other day and mentioned that I had once seen her singing 'Season of the Witch' with the Brian Auger Trinity, but she denied that it was her. Do I believe her or my own memory of Ally Pally?

Anyway the stars of the show were The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. As I recall it, he started off in an insect costume and only moved on the stand-up-for-the-fire-demon costume later. Vincent Crane was superb, as you have to be if you are going to play all the instruments including the bass pedals. 'You're going to burn, Brown! Ha Ha Ha!' he leered, gloatingly. They did 'I put a spell on you', 'Devil's Grip', the hysterical 'Give him a flower', 'Fire' and that long track from the album - can't remember the title - 'Spontaneous Apple Creation' possibly?.

Entry cost one pound, there were a few busts, and there was also a stabbing. Reportedly 10,000 attended, which would have filled the Ally Pally quite nicely. Eric Burdon, leading the New Animals, was one of the highlights of the night , with Johnny Weider playing exquisite violin parts on " Paint it Black ". A fire extinguisher was ripped from the wall, causing a minor flood , whilst signs were displayed bearing mottos such as 'Super Pot, Dr Timo and... can anyone explain this one... Jenkins Is High?

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

4 photo upgrades + 'scrap book' page

Photo by Adrian Boot, from the 2 Oct 1967 'Junkyard' photo shoot.

Hornsey College Of Art gig, 18 November 1966, by Graham Keen.

Playing live in Denmark, late 1967.

Syd in late 1967, probably backstage , unknown location.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Syd on Gog Magog Hills, Cambridge, summer 1965

These are new screen grabs taken from the best source I have (The Syd Barrett Ultimate Video Collection Vol.1 DVD). I do have an original mint condition video of the video 'Syds First Trip', where this first surfaced, which may yield better quality grabs, but first I have to FIND the thing (in a box in the attic somewhere!) and transfer it to DVD.
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Syd (left) with 'The Tea Set', Oct 1964.

Syd (left) with 'The Tea Set from October 1964 when they played a private party at High Pines, Oxshott, Surrey taken by Sebastian Jenkins. Chris Dennis (guitar, vocals, harmonica); Syd Barrett (guitar/vocals); Bob Klose (lead guitar/harmonica); Mike Leonard (keyboards); Roger Waters (bass); Nick Mason (drums).

Syd (left) with 'Those Without', Jan 1965.

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Syd & Libby's Skegness Holiday in 1963

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