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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Julian Palacios Syd Barret Dark Globe - A Review

Julian Palacios Syd Barrett Dark Globe

Julian Palacios’ new book: Syd Barrett Dark Globe is a great biography of our hero. This book is waaaaaaaaaay better than the Rob Chapman book: A Very Irregular Head. In that book Chapman attempts to paint Syd Barrett as some English whimsy author. This is absurd. Syd Barrett was a rocker, first and foremost. Palacios firmly establishes that.

Chapman’s book spends a lot of its pages on Syd’s family history and childhood. Then it fast forwards to the solo LPs and his later life. Unbelievably, it mostly skips over the Pink Floyd Era! Palacios goes into great detail about the events leading up to the formation of Pink Floyd, their residency at UFO, their signing with EMI, the recording of Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Syd’s breakdown and exit from the band. *This* is what we want to know about and Palacios delivers the goods.

Palacios is somebody who must have a Reference File of every interview Syd Barrett did, Pink Floyd members did about him, and what others on the scene had to say as well. Palacios also conducted a lot of primary research too, talking with people connected with Syd throughout his life. He takes these interview bits and expertly weaves them in with his prose to paint a clear picture.

In my opinion, Palacios pinpoints what happened to Syd Barrett; too much LSD intake. Not only does he show what happened but he shows when it happened. I am learning a lot about Syd Barrett that I never knew by reading this book. This is a MUST READ for fans of Syd Barrett Pink Floyd and sixties music. Julian Palacios Syd Barrett Dark Globe BUY THIS BOOK!

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