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Monday, October 18, 2010

New photo upgrades, courtesy of Julian Palacios

I have been forwarded a few nice photo upgrades from the author of the new Syd book 'Dark Globe', Julian Palacios. The above pic, taken in late 1966, was only available as a photo copy from the Amazing Pudding magazine and had a big line down it from being in the centre of one of the issues. Here it is presented nice and clean. (Photo courtesy of Phil Smee/Strange Things Archive)

This is photo of Syd taken in his garden is too the best quality version I have come across, though a larger black & white version exists. You're not missing much though, just more garden to the left and right! (Photo courtesy of Phil Smee/Strange Things Archive)

This photo from my favourite ever Pink Floyd photo session (the so called 'Junkyard' session & taken by Adrian Boot on October 2nd 1967) is presented here complete for the 1st time, to my knowledge. It's been used many times over the years but always had chunks missing! At last we can now see the whole photo. (Photo courtesy of Phil Smee/Strange Things Archive)

This photo, again from the same 'Junkyard' session was used in the Singles CD that came with that big Pink Floyd boxset EMI issued in the mid 90s. There the bottom of the photo was missing and this is the 1st time I've seen the whole image uncropped. (Photo courtesy of Phil Smee/Strange Things Archive)

Another 'Junkyard' shot. This shot was used on the cover of the NME containing the famous 1974 Nick Kent article on Syd. The cover is around somewhere showing more of Syd's body, but this pic shows Syd's face much more clearly. (Photo courtesy of Phil Smee/Strange Things Archive)

Syd as a student. Again, much clearer & more complete than we've seen before. (Photo courtesy of Phil Smee/Strange Things Archive)

And, lastly, a great NEW photo of Syd taken on the way over to Copenhagen via the ferry on the 10th September 1967. We have a few shots from this few days but this shot beats them all. Syd looks so serene, I wonder what he was thinking?

Thanks go to Julian for allowing me to share these with you all. Buy his book here . If you're not sure you want to take the plunge and splash the cash then read Kiloh's review here!

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