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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Syd Barrett HYGIY? v2.0 Discs 4a and 4b

syd barrett HYGIY?

It's done! Look for announcements about distribution here soon!

Syd Barrett HYGIY? v2.0 Volume 4 Disc 1
length: 40:31

01_Silas Lang, take 1 (06May68)
02_Lanky pt2, take 1 (14May68)
03_Golden Hair, take 1 (14May68 dry mix)
04_Golden Hair, take 1 (28May68 Gareth Cousins 88 mix)
05_Swan Lee, take 5 (08Jun68 Malcolm Jones alt mix)
06_Swan Lee, take 5 (20Jun68 backing track)
07_Clowns and Jugglers, take 1 w chatter (20Jul68)
08_Swan Lee, take 5 excerpt (10Apr69 w vocal)
09_Opel, take 9 chatter (11Apr69)
10_Opel, take 9 (11Apr69 Jenner 74 mix)
11_Love You, take 1 (11Apr69 Jones mix)
12_Love You, take 2 (11Apr69 Jones mix)
13_Clowns and Jugglers, take 2 (03May69)
14_Octopus, take 11 (12Jun69 rough mix excerpt)
15_Long Gone, take 2 (26Jul69)
16_Dark_Globe, take 1 choral (26Jul69 Jenner 74 echo mix)
17_Dark_Globe, take 1 choral (26Jul69 Jones 87 dry mix)
18_She Took A Long Cold Look, take 5 (26Jul69 Jones 87 dry mix)
19_Religious Experience, take 10 (18Dec69 OOPS mix)

Syd Barrett HYGIY? v2.0 Volume 4 Disc 2 length: 62:40

20_Baby Lemonade, take 1 (26Feb70 alt mix)
21_Maisie, take 1 (26Feb70)
22_Maisie, take 2 (26Feb70 alt mix)
23_Birdie Hop, take 1 (05Jun70 Jenner 74 mix)
24_Rats chatter, take 1 (05Jun70)
25_Wined and Dined chatter, takes 1+2, edit (05Jun70)
26_Terrapin (06Jun70 London)
27_Gigolo Aunt (06Jun70 London)
28_Effervescing Elephant (06Jun70 London)
29_Octopus (06Jun70 London)
30_Milky Way, take 5 (07Jun70 Jenner 74 mix)
31_Word Song, take 1 (21Jul70 Jenner 74 mix)
32_Baby Lemonade (16Feb71 BBC)
33_Dominoes (16Feb71 BBC)
34_Love Song (16Feb71 BBC)
35_Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band (27Jan72 Cambridge)
36_Boogie #1 (12Aug74)
37_Boogie #2-more echo (12Aug74)
38_Boogie #3 (12Aug74)
39_If You Go, Don't Be Slow #1 (12Aug74)
40_Ballad-unfinished (12Aug74)
41_Chooka-Chooka Chug Chug (12Aug74)
42_If You Go, Don't Be Slow #2-echo, laid back (12Aug74)
43_Untitled-echo (12Aug74)
44_Slow Boogie (12Aug74)
45_John Lee Hooker (12Aug74)
46_Fast Boogie (12Aug74)
47_Boogie #2 fragment (Bernard White 94 mix)
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