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Monday, November 22, 2010

Syd Barrett Studio Chatter Transcriptions

Syd Barrett Studio
From mark184021 comes transcriptions of Syd Barrett studio chatter. It's posted chronologically below:

13 May 1968

Silas Lang (mixdown)

Martin Benge: Silas Lang this is RM1 from 4-track, take 1.
(mono mixdown of Silas Lang as recorded 6 May 1968, complete at 2m 45s)

14 May 1968

Golden Hair

Peter Bown: Golden Hair take one.

(Take 1 complete)

21 May 1968

Late Night

Peter Bown: Rolling

Syd: (indistinct)

(brief pause)

Syd?: 1, 2, 3, 4…

(Take 2 complete at 3m 12s)

20 June 1968

Golden Hair

Jenner (or unknown engineer): “This is take 5 and it’s a 4-track copy of take 2”

(Take 5, complete at 2m 28s)

Syd (during fade-out): indistinct – sounds like “Can I just turn a little bit?”

20 July 1968

Clowns And Jugglers

Malcolm Jones: This is Clowns And Jugglers, take one, RS1 on E69631 (probably from a later mixing session)

Ken Scott: This Is Clowns And Jugglers, and it’s take one!

(Take 1, complete at 3m 33s)

11 April 1969


Malcolm Jones: This is RS1 and it’s Opel from E91221 4-track and it’s take 9 (probably from a later mixing session)

(Brief strumming from the end of take 8)

Syd: That’s two verses sorry, I’ll do it again.

Peter Mew: Nine.

Jones: Syd, could you watch the poppng on the P’s.

Syd: Yes.

(tape cuts)

Jones: OK, watch your popping Syd love…

(take 9 complete at 6m 24s)

Love You

Peter Mew: Love You take 1.

(Brief burst of guitar and voice)

Malcolm Jones: OK Syd.

Syd: Yeah.

(Take 1, complete at 2m 1s)

Syd: That’s all…. on that one.

Jones: Do you wanna hear that?

Syd: Yeah.

(tape cut)

Jones: Different tempo.

(take 2 complete at 2m 42s)

(tape cut)

Control room voice: Three.

(Take 3, breakdown at 1m 59s)

Syd: Better do that again, please.

No Good Trying

(Unnumbered take, breakdown at 0m 15s)

Syd: OK, do it again.

Jones: Syd, is your guitar meant to be, have you turned your guitar down?

Syd: Yeah.

Jones: Is it supposed to be down, or…

Syd: No. It’s nice jangly, can you keep it there.

(brief pause)

Jones: OK Syd, off you go.

Syd: Right. (Sighs)

(Take 1, complete at 5m 39s)

12 June 1969


Studio voice: OK?

Syd: Right.

(Take 1, breakdown at 0m 10s)

Syd: Shall I do that?

Waters (in studio): Yeah!

(tape cuts)

Control room voice: Two.

Syd: After?

Waters: Keep going. Keep going Syd, (indistinct)

(Take 2, breakdown at 2m 43s)

Long Gone

Control room voice: This is, er, the new version of Long Gone.

Syd (very quietly): Dolly Rocker.

Control room voice: Two.

(Take 2 complete at 1m 54s)

26 July 1969

She Took A Long Cold Look At Me

Syd: “OK. I’m ready.”

(Take 1, breakdown at 0m 6s)

Waters (in studio): Why don’t you start low, and go into the high bit later on?

(Take 2, breakdown at 0m 4s)

Syd: Yeah, I won’t go with that.

Control room voice: Three.

(Take 3, breakdown at 0m 8s)

Control room voice: Four.

(Take 4, complete at 1m 56s)

Syd: Two verses, that’s it.

Control room voice: Come and have a listen.

Waters (in control room): Or shall we play it down there?

Control room voice: No, it’s better up here.

Wouldn’t You Miss Me

(Take 1, complete at 3m 0s)

Syd: That’s all.

She Took A Long Cold Look At Me

(Take 5, complete at 1m 50s)

Syd: That's short.


Control room voice: Feel, take one

(Take 1, complete at 2m 17s)

Syd: The last one was diamond, actually. Alright.

Control room voice: (indistinct)

If It’s In You

(unknown take, breakdown at 0m 4s)

(unknown take, breakdown at 0m 5s)

Syd: Look, you know, it’s, I’ll…

Control room voice: Six.

Syd: Start again, I’ll start again.

Control room voice (barely audible): Three.

Waters (in control room): Syd, what about taking the guitar down a semitone, so the (indistinct)

Syd: No, it’s just the fact, you know, of going through it. I mean if you, if we could cut –

(Tape cuts)

(Take 5, complete at 1m 51s)

26 February 1970


Peter Bown: Maisie, take one.

(Take 1, breakdown at 10s)

Bown: Two.

Gilmour (in studio): Put the count on.

(Take 2, complete at 2m 48s)

27 February 1970

Gigolo Aunt

Peter Bown: Take nine, Gigolo Aunt.

Syd/Gilmour/Wright (in studio): general chatter

Gilmour: OK, try it again. Are you going to do an intro?

Syd: Yeah.

(Take 9 complete at 3m 46s)

Syd: Mmmm!

1 / 2 April 1970

Baby Lemonade – vocal overdubs

(addition of double tracked vocals to track recorded 27 Feb 1970 - complete at 3m 46s)

Syd: I think that was OK.

7 June 1970

Milky Way

Syd: One, two, three, four

(take 5, complete at 3m 0s)

Birdie Hop

Gilmour: This is Birdie Hop, take one.

Bown: Ready Syd.

(Take 1, complete at 2m 30s)


Syd: ‘Allo?

Alan Parsons: Hello.

Syd: Ah, hello.

Parsons: Hello?

Syd: (chuckles) I’m going to play another one, but it’s in E.

Parsons: OK. Do whatever you like.

Syd: There’s only three.

Parsons: OK!

Gilmour: What’s this one called Syd?

Syd: This one’s called… well I suppose it’s called Rats at the moment. I don’t really dig the animals, it’s irrelevant… animals. My own fetish.

Gilmour: OK, call it Rats. Rats, take one.

Parsons: OK (inaudible)

Syd: Right.

(False start, 10s)

Syd: Is it on? The lights, I mean.

Parsons: Don’t worry about that.

Syd: (laughs)

(Take 1 complete at 3m 2s)

Wined And Dined

Syd coughs.

Gilmour: Wined And Dined, this is take one.

(False start, 30s)

Syd: I’ll start again. I’ll do it on top, right.

Gilmour: Two

(Take 1 complete at 3m 0s)

Syd: And whatever. That’s about, that’s – (tape cuts)

14 July 1970

Effervescing Elephant

Gilmour: Play on, Syd.

Syd: Effervescing Elephant.

(Take 1 complete at 1m 5s)

Syd: (chuckles) All right?

Gilmour: Yeah!

Dolly Rocker

Control room voice: What’s this one called?

Syd: Dolly Rocker. It’s called Dolly Rocker. Sort of old make of dress. Well, months old, you know, that sort of thing.

(Take 1, complete at 2m 42s)

Let’s Split

Control room voice: Syd?

Syd: Yeah?

Control room voice: What’s this one called?

Syd: Hasn’t got a title, I suppose it’s called something like um… Really hasn’t got a title. Oh-

Control room voice: (indistinct)

Syd: Yeah.

Peter Bown: I’ve put the machine on and (indistinct)

Syd: OK.

(Take 1 complete, with breaks, at 2m 15s)

Syd: (breaking off mid-song before resuming) Oh… (sound of papers shuffling) like that. (Song resumes)

Syd: Hold it, can you? That’s all. Cheers.


Gilmour: OK, do it.

Syd: Shall we try and sing it? Oh - that’s alright, don’t worry, don’t worry.

Gilmour: What’s it called?

Syd: Don’t know. No title. I suppose it’s called Dominoes.

Gilmour: OK, do it.

(Take 1, breakdown at 0m 26s)

Syd: Right. Dominoes.

(Take 2 complete at 2m 22s)

Syd: That’s all.

21 July 1970

Word Song

Control room voice (over intro): We’re rolling.

(Take 1, complete at 3m 19s)

22 July 1970

It Is Obvious

Peter Bown: It is obvious!


Gilmour: Syd, are you ready?

Syd: Yeah.

Gilmour: Off you go.

(Take 2 complete at 3m 31s)

Peter Bown: Three.

(Take 3 complete at 3m 34s)

Peter Bown: It Is Obvious, take five.

Gilmour: Do that rhythm you were just playing just then.

Syd: Which one?

Gilmour: That one you were just strumming, just a minute ago.

(Syd strums)

Gilmour: OK, off you go.

(Take 5 complete at 2m 53s)

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