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Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Syd jollyness!

2 new photos from this website.

This photo is a another shot from a photo shoot at Gyllene Cirkeln, Stockholm on the 10th Sep 67. We already have some photos from this date but this is a new one. This was 1st published on this website.

Up for auction is this Syd poem which you can view in more detail here.

"A Syd Barrett poem, circa late 60s/early 70s, signed, in black ballpoint on a small piece of paper, entitled 'A Rooftop Song In A Thunderstorm Row Missing The Point', thirteen lines, beginning, 'With yellow red and foomy food, and quivered/crouching on a golden cushion/Undressed himself to dissapear (sic) through an infinity of pleasure...', the reverse with part of a question/answer piece, one side covered in tape, 12.5 x 13cm (5 x 5in) approx.

This will feature in a book about Syd to be launched in March 2011, with an exhibition at Idea Generation, and the Barrett family have confirmed this is in Syd's hand. "

On the reverse is a supposed interview with Syd which, if I recall correctly, was printed in the 'Terrapin' fanzine, the handwriting of which looks very similar to that of one of the writers of that publication (as anyone who's seen the fanzine knows, most of it was handwritten!) Why would Syd write a poem on the back of an interview? Who knows. Maybe the interviewer who (obviously, if it's all real) met Syd, was given the poem by him ("Take this!.. Now p*ss off!") but then proceeded to ask Syd questions which needed writing down ASAP on the nearest piece of paper. Just a theory, and a plausible one. Also of note is that this poem was 1st published in 'Terrapin' and for years we have been wondering what the source of it was, was it real? etc. Well, according to the auction house Syd's family have confimed it's written in Syd's hand and it's being published in the upcoming 'Barrett' book. Mystery solved, partly! :) OR is someone just trying to flog a page from 'Terrapin' fanzine?
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