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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rock Poster Scammer Alert - horridious-2009

horridious-2009Please note, this scammer is being investigated by the Albuquerque Police. The Case Number is: 10-122757.

I would like to take this opportunity to warn all collectors of fine psychedelic poster art about this eBay scammer going by the handle: horridious-2009. Here is their eBay Account Page:

All of you readers know who I am; you know that I have been in this game for many years and that I collect fine psychedelic poster art. You all know that I know my shit.

Recently I bought two Moby Grape psychedelic posters from this seller that have turned out to be cheap counterfeits. What this seller does is display a picture of an authentic psychedelic poster that shows visible aging and wear. They then use language to describe their counterfeit item as genuine; stuff like: “stored rolled” – what? Stored for about as long as it took you to jam it into the mailing tube after you ran it off?, “no pin holes” uhhhh, yeah, no pinholes, the poster was just ran off. “no bends”, etc…

Then this seller takes your money and delivers garbage to you. In my case, I paid over $160.00 for two fake posters that are mere scans of originals run off on some expensive printer. These things even came in shrink wrap! These thieves have no shame.

As you all know, original 1960’s posters were produced utilizing old technology; 3-color, or 4-color, offset printing. There’s a particular type of stock that was used and this stock shows the effects of over 40 years of time passing.

What I received for my money was computer printouts of scanned images on brand new glossy computer paper.

I'll let you readers see for yourselves. You really have to see it to believe it, this scammer is so blatant.
  • OK, the first two images displayed on this blog post (at the top) are the images that this scammer chooses to display as pictures of what the product looks like with their eBay auction. As you can see, they acquired images of the authentic posters somewhere. You can see the 40+ years accumulated upon these posters in the images that this scammer displays as what the Bidder is bidding upon.

  • Now, the three images below are what this scammer actually delivers to you when you "win" the auction. I left one of the posters unopened. As you can see, they are rolled TIGHT and sealed in plastic! That's because they are brand new counterfeit posters. Look at the other picture, you can see the glare of the light shining on the brand-new, glossy, computer printer stock.

  • The third picture is of the tube that this scammer ships these items in. I have a soda can next to it for frame of reference. As you can see, the tube is a cheap one and so tiny and this scammer jams both posters down inside it.

Here's the name and address of where the posters were shipped from:

Mary Davidson
7200 Beck Drive NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico

At first, I contacted this scammer privately and told them that I was on to their game. I offered to just let them refund my money and I would not say anything. I did not offer to return the posters as they are not worth the paper they are printed on.

I told this seller that if they did not comply with this offer that I would contact the Albuquerque Police about their little fraud operation as well as the Albuquerque Attorney General, the New Mexico Better Business Bureau, the United States Postal Inspector as well as the IRS because I really doubt that they are paying proper taxes on this fraud operation. Income Tax Fraud is how they got Al Capone and I know that they are cracking down on it.

Get this, apparently this crook is a woman and she contacted “Chad” in Security at eBay maintaining that I threatened her. I wasn’t aware that telling somebody that you would contact the proper authorities after being defrauded was a “threat”. You know what? I PROMISE that I am going to do this now. I don’t even care about the money anymore.

Tomorrow, I contact the Albuquerque Police. These scammers live there. After that it’s the Attorney General and the BBB. Then the fun stuff starts with the Postal Inspector and the IRS.

These clowns are still maintaining that their counterfeit posters are real.

Please spread the word among all our fellow poster collectors about this crew operating on eBay.

See their Item descriptions below. See the images that they used for the listings at the top. Notice how they use “code” language that tells buyers that these posters are originals:

Moby Grape, Big Brother And The Holding Co., Sons Of Champlin Poster. Poster measures approximately 20"x28". Poster has been stored rolled and in excellent condition no creases, folds, tears or pin holes.

The information at the bottom is as follows:

Bottom Left

1967 Portal Publications Ltd Corte Madera, California

Bottom Right

SIX504 Litho in U.S.A.

Baltimore Steam Packet, Moby Grape And Only Alternatives And His Other Possibilities Poster. Poster measures approximately 20"x28". Poster has been stored rolled and in excellent condition no creases, folds, tears or pin holes.

The information at the bottom is as follows:

Bottom Left

1967 Portal Publications Ltd Corte Madera, California

Bottom Right

SIX501 Litho in U.S.A.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh! I spoke too soon. Good to see that you've given them the negative feedback that they deserve.

December 14, 2010 at 10:15 PM  

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