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Monday, December 27, 2010


Cambridge Rock
The Roots of Cambridge Rock Reunion musical event held at St Paul's Church in Hills Road raised £1116 for charity through ticket sales and a collection held on the night.

Three charities were chosen to receive cheques for £372 each at a presentation in St Paul's on 8 December: Parkinson's UK, Alzheimer's Society and the Syd Barrett Fund.

The above photo shows members of the event's organising committee comprising 1960s band members presenting the cheques to local charity representatives:

From left: Simon Betany (Parkinson's UK), Mike Richardson (Forever Amber), Dave Parker ( The Redcaps), Firoozeh Daraei (Alzheimer's Society), Stephen Pyle (Those Without), Jenny Taylor (The Chequers), Rosemary Breen (Syd Barrett Fund) and Annette Heilbron (Parkinson's UK).

Some short movie clips, showing part of the event, can be seen here:

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