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Friday, January 28, 2011

New Syd Barret-Era Floyd 'in the studio' Photo and Article Translation

Thanks to It's from a Dutch magazine article dated 21st April 1967 and features an interview conducted by a Mr Cees Mentink. I presume that it is he who is pictured talking to Mr. Roger Waters in the bottom left of the article. I'm also presuming both pics were taken at the same location, Roger's delightful neck ruffle is visible in both, but for the interview Roger must have felt a tad chilly as he's put his black coat on. I scanned through the interview with my eyes that are currently working and it looks like Cees only spoke to Roger. Shame that!

syd barrett
And for those of you who aren't interested in translated Roger waffle, here's just the pic of the band.
syd barrett
Notice on the bottom left there's a mysterious blond barnetted & be-spectacled gentleman whose identity is unknown to me, anyone any idea?

** Added 1/2/2011. Translation by Mr.ScarletEagle. Jan 2011.

The Beatles have ensured that EMI, the biggest record company in the world has lost its connection with the beat-top. This may sound strange but it is true. Dozens of people have worked year after year for The Beatles. For them it was just a full time job to keep that Beatle machine running. Nobody realized that there were other developments going on besides The Beatles. Everyone forgot to look into the future. EMI suddenly noticed that the Beatles record sales declined and that they had nothing to replace that, but by the time they realized it, it was already too late. The struggle for the money was already in full swing. The giant group Decca starts a special label for progressive independent productions Deram. Larry Page brings his label out by Fontana, Page One, and EMI has nothing. The problem get's discussed at the top of EMI and even the president of EMI, Mr Joseph Lockwood (the anti-pirate) get personally involved with it. He searched on his own and finds Pink Floyd. They get a five-year contract with interesting financial guarantees. There will be a color film and, as soon as possible, an album. Regarding the production of records,

"We are good at that" says spokesman of the band Roger Waters. "We can use the studio whenever we want, we may produce our own records and we may choose our own style."

Reporter: "Is not it a bit strange to just forget about a recording engineer and a producer?"

Waters: "Why not? We can do what they can, we have an excellent technician and we talk with him constantly. That combination will give us a good record, or do you find 'Arnold Layne' not a good record?"

Reporter: "Do you guys know that you are lucky to get this opportunity from EMI?"

Waters: "No, because we have not thought about it that yet, the last two years we have been playing, getting a routine, getting used to each others performances, looking to what the audience likes and trying to make some songs. It's a coincidence that EMI currently was interested in us. So it runs perfect."

Reporter: "But you have more freedom than any other band."

Waters: "It has to be like that, otherwise we wouldn't have signed that contract anyway."

Reporter: "When recording a new album, are you going with more concrete plans in to the studio?"

Waters: "No, that's impossible for us, once a song is ready, the intention is off for us. We work with an idea that is in our head of course, and when we are in the studio we go to find a more definite shape of it, if you work with such an idea it will create some tension that is required when making records."

Reporter: "But that is an expensive way of working, how long does it takes to create one song?"

Waters: "Altogether about 12 hours, but that's nothing compared to The Beatles."

Reporter: " Do EMI have Beatles-like expectations of the band?"

Waters: " I didn't think about that, it would be a compliment but I think we cannot make that for real."

Reporter: "Are you using special instruments at the recording session?"

Waters: "We will give some more color to a particular song with a spinet or maybe a sitar, but for now we are comfortable with the guitar, By the time we are proficient on instruments like that, like The Beatles are now, we will look further on it."

Reporter: "What do you think about being in the charts with Ken Dodd, Tom Jones, etc…?"

Waters: "Nowadays there are not so many records made for teenagers, that is mainly, I think, because the records are made too complicated. Of course you can create something very difficult and interesting, but music should be a pleasant thing to listen to and I miss that in many records today. The people who buy records don't listen at it with Andrew Oldham ears."

Reporter: "Is the single 'Arnold Layne' not played too much by the pirate radio stations, so that people gets less interested in buying it?"

Waters: "Perhaps, but London is not playing it at all, they find it a dirty record."

Reporter: "Why aren't you at Top of The Pops yet?"

Waters "Yes it's a strange thing, we made that big jump on number 24, it's good they didn't ask us. When our record is at the top 20, we no longer need that push anymore, they give other artists this push when they are ranked thirty. Arnold Layne is doing it very well at the moment, it's not necessary anymore for me now."

Reporter: "And the USA?"

Waters: "That will not happen for the moment, to go over there, you got to have something to offer, we will look at it again when the first album is ready."

Reporter: "What are you going to do today?"

Waters: "For us, a very special experiment, we have recorded the vocals at first on tape and now we build the sounds around it, see what we get."

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Anonymous Betsy said...

Maybe that's Andrew Oldham?))

January 28, 2011 at 9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

could be the news man you see in the second photo with RW, looks like he has heavy lighting on his head = blond aperence, Photo flash?

sry for the typos :S

January 31, 2011 at 5:53 AM  

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