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Monday, May 9, 2011

Pink Floyd Stockholm Event at the Gyllene Cirkeln (Golden Circle) in Sveavägen

Pink Floyd Stockholm

Pink Floyd Stockholm
Pink Floyd Stockholm

Here are some compiled conversations and resources regarding the Pink Floyd Stockholm event recently. I didn't bother cleaning up the verbiage. You're going to get it as posted on the Laughing Madcaps Group. Thanks to Cissi for the images. Thanks to Robert Watt for gathering the content.

Short excerpt from Syd Barrett & the Pink Floyd's 10 September 1967 gig at the Gyllene Cirkeln (Golden Circle) in Sveavägen in Stockholm

Gaz Hunter said:
I've just been informed via Facebook by someone who is in contact with someone
who is there now....

Great sound quality although the vocals are low

Cissi said:
Hi all, I just thought I'd give you my thoughts on last night's event. Contrary to what was written before on the floydinternational-blog, song no 6 was See Emily Play not Arnold Layne. Anyway, to me the recording sounded good, but then again I'm no sound engineer. The instruments were separated although the recording was made only by two microphones. Syd's guitar playing was good. The recording was more like an instrumental gig. Some vocals were audible on Matilda Mother and Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun though. You could hear Syd say "one, one" between Matilda Mother and Pow R Toc H.

At the beginning of the show the owner of the tape, Anders, pleaded to us not to youtube it (I'll see if I can send some pics to Kiloh of the doppelgangers later on today). Cause if we did that, the EMI will most def not include the recording on the next Piper issue. EMI wanted to buy the tapes and cancel the event altogether but Anders said no (Ha!). The first track, a 7min 20 sec Jam Session, EMI has only heard three minutes of and they apparently thought it was interesting. No matter what, I'l buy the next re-issue of Piper anyway.

Ok, that was it I think.

Best regards...

"Arstider" said:
Cissi was right. I was wrong. It was See Emily Play not Arnold Layne on the tape from Gyllene Cirkeln, Stockholm 1967-09-10. When I heard it tonight, second night. I even remember me singning some of the lines to See Emily Play on Tuesday night. Must have been very tired when I got back home that night. More news about the show on the blog tomorrow.

Arstider said:
Anders did talk about Arnold not Emily after the show, but it might be difficult to hear as Syd had given up to sing at that point, I didn't hear any voice during the song. Did sound more like Arnold to me.

"alsothoughwhat" said:
My Swedish is kind of rough, but they're basically saying "we've got this bad-ass Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd tape we're gonna play. The owner kinda wants to sell it to EMI/PF. EMI/PF are only marginally interested. Probably nothing will happen with it. Do not bootleg the replay event. We've also made cool mannequins. You'll never hear the tape again."
"Arstider" replied:
Your swedish is very rough, nothing right in the translation..... It's just a news report on the event, nothing new.

"Joseph" said:
Looks like the live show is gonna be released with the upcoming Piper reissue.

rich hall said:
Any word on when this piper reissue will come out?

Chris Marsall said:
Like we really need another piper reissue.. they should just release the show on vinyl for the next record store day event...

"felixatagong" said:
I will believe this when I have the CD in my hand, I would prefer an upgraded ASOS though or a box-set with early rarities, demos and live bits... 'wondering and dreaming'.

"Joseph" said:
Jam Session / Matilda Mother / Pow R Toc H / Scream Thy Last Scream / Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun / Arnold Layne / Interstellar Overdrive

Robert Watt said:
Regarding the Stockholm gig at Gyllene Cirkeln recently played: Found this on Yeeshkul as well, with a short sample posted there. Hopefully we'll see this released...

The man deserves a lot of respect in my mind. I was there Tuesday, stood front line center and listened intently to the whole thing, and had the chance to speak with him before and afterwards.

He is/was a big fan of Hansson and Carlsson, and recorded every concert of theirs. At least at this venue where they had recurring concerts. His equipment was set up so he asked if it was OK to tape Pink Floyd (at least this is what he now says). Professional equipment ensured a very true replication of what it sounded like that night. In very excellent stereo separation.

As the PA was lousy the singing was hardly audible (and not much chance of repairing this I am afraid) but since most is instrumental it is still a fantastic document.

Mr Lind however did not think too much of it and forgot it for many years. Now he wants to make a few bucks (and I do not blame him) and is negotiating the release of the tapes. I will write to him and ask him to include somthing about a time period during which the recordings must be released. He genuinely seemed interested in wanting this to be heard. Remember that he took the chance of this public event (twice) in spit of legal threats.

We never got to hear the jam session "Before or Since" (as Mr Lind wants to call it, because of the comment Roger made on the tape that this was something not heard before or since). I have a feeling it still is a version of Reaction in G.

Matilda Mother was great as always. Pow R Toc H was very long and lacked some energy in the middle. Scream Thy Last Scream contained the best guitar work of Syd I have ever heard (I have some 40 seconds recorded and it is indeed proto-punk!). Very very intensive. Set The Controls is a Waters number obviously and he can be heard more clearly than Syd. Very structured and pointing forward to the next phase of Floyd. More comments about that below.

See Emily Play was a superb surprise. Very very low vocals unfortunately, but crystal clear instruments. A tricky song to play and Syd being an "intuitive" guitarist makes for some jerky changes in the song. But I love it! I think first Rick and then Syd played the bridge back to the riff. Syd through some very atonal notes, quite fitting I think. The final Interstellar Overdirve was magic. Not very long but extremely well played and focussed. I particularly enjoyed the
drum patterns.

I believe they had three bands that night, and only some 2-300 people in the audience. The set is rather short, I seem to recall he mentioned 48 minutes or so. The whole thing was much better than the Copenhagen recording I listened to before the concert. Better quality obviously but also better played.

Now, the interesting thing here is that Syd was very clearly NOT a basket case. His playing was sharp and disciplined. However, he was never a virtuoso guitar player like Gilmour or many others. More of a painter with the guitar. I think this recording will stand testament to those who think that Syd was pushed out of the group in favour of a new direction. Do not get me wrong, I love the later Pink Floyd and can see how a change needed to happen, but I can also subscribe
to the mainpulating powers of others (read RW) in Pink Floyd. I hope this possible aspect will not hold back the release of this very important recording.

Just my five cents, all of the above. Will also try to get "professional" comments from the band members of supreme Swedish early Floyd cover band The Trees.

a little more info from the yeesh thread:

For what it's worth: The tape has at least been digitally transferred, so the recording is safe. As for speculations about official release, we'll see if anything leaks from Saturday's event. Hopefully it doesn't. If EMI weren't bullshitting Lind, and he wasn't bullshitting us, the concert will be released. If it means another PATGOD, so be it, though I'd much prefer a 2CD 1965-68 rarities set with the Stockholm show on one disc. Just the concert as a standalone release would be fine, too.

It would be extremely out of character for PF to release something as amateurish as this, but if they've expressed an intention to do so, I'm inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. If Ms. Peelfan is right about the technical possibilities, there may even be a significant upgrade coming our way!

Some more random thoughts:
- the sped-up piano/harpsichord part on Emily was replaced by sort of a primitive stomping riff marking time. That may well have been the way they recorded it before "psyching" it up with tape-magic. - Syd played some dreamy slide guitar. In my mind, he was using his Zippo, but it could have been an ordinary slide. - Roger really stands out as the dominant and driving force, and his playing was actually the most impressive of the four. It's actually not that hard to imagine how a gig with "Zombie Syd" could still have been rather exciting, thanks to the fury of the other three, and Rog in particular. - Rick didn't come through as well when soloing, but his presence was otherwise unmistakable - the performances were quite concise; I don't think even IO exceeded ten minutes (though I wasn't looking at my watch :-) ). This was a good thing, as every mid-song jam was allowed to develop just long enough to reach peak intensity without getting lost in effect-box cul-de-sacs. - I'm hungry to hear that tape again. Damn hungry.

and some more tidbits... from moonwall

Just had breakfast at the hotel

It was fun! The rather look-alike mannequinns were placed on a stage in the same way as on
the real gig in 1967 and with gear from the time. A minus was that they didn't use the lightshow from 1967 as they said they couldn't remember it exactly (never seen old movies, huh?)
The sound of the old tape was superb, although it was mostly instrumental. Syd's PA didn't work properly that night. Among others, we heard a stunning version of STCFTHOTS (with Rogers voice rather clear), a funny version of See Emily Play and a great Interstellar Overdrive.
The funniest part was the audience applauding after every song as if the real Pink Floyd was there .

Now the taper (Anders Lind) told us EMI had tried to stop this event. He had been to the UK to play the tape for them, but he wouldn't let them have it. And he didn't play the whole tape. On the tape is a very rare jam session, that we didn't get to hear this evening. Anders called it "Never and since" as Roger says something like that on the tape.

If I understood it correctly, EMI wants to do a re-release (again) of "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" and use Anders' tape as Bonus material on it. And because of this Anders' politely asked us not to tape or film. "Nothing on YouTube", he said. He didn't say anything about Yeeshkul, though , but I did not record this. My friend took a lot of pictures that I maybe can post here later.

and this from xpkfloyd:

I really enjoyed the recording, although I thought they should have played it at a little louder volume... I also agree that it was a pity that they didn't try to use a light show as in '67.

Nice improvisations all in all, I think it's rather incredible that they played this good so early in their career. The organizer said that the gig was performed the day before Piper was released in the US. I really liked the version of Interstellar.

Too bad that the vocals were very hard to hear. Otherwise I thought that the quality of the recording was actually very good. I can't say that I have heard all available '67 boots, but this one was probably the clearest one I've heard to date (excepting, of course, radio and tv recordings).

The organizer also said that the "Pink Floyd Estate" (whoever that was) to whom he played some portions of the tape was very surprised that Set The Controls was played so early, with Syd. Apparently they didn't know/remember that...

But I think it was funny that he purposefully hadn't played them the whole show, only snippets from each song In some way, it felt as if telling them: "Now you know how it feels not to get hold of great unreleased material!" Maybe that'll get them thinking...

And the reason for calling the unknown and unplayed jam "Before or Since" (or something like that, my memory fails me?) was that after playing the song Roger can be heard saying something like "That was a song that hasn't been played before or since".

I also really enjoyed the cover band that played afterwards, "Lost In Rick Wright's Wardrobe": three very young girls and three very young boys playing only pre-1970 floyd songs. Very good indeed! Vibraphone, mellotron, flute, gong, organ, piano, guitar, drums, bass, vocal harmonies... Psychedelic shirts and dresses... We got to hear, among others, Astronomy, Interstellar, Paint Box, See-Saw, Remember A Day, Set The Controls, Saucerful (!), Careful With That Axe
(!!!), Green Is The Colour, Cymbaline, ... Awesome! If anybody could get a recording of their gig on Saturday it would be great...

Lost in Rick Wright's Wardrobe played Pink Floyd covers (and more) during the Pink Floyd Happening at Gyllene Cirkeln, Stockholm, May 7 2011.

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