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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Syd & Rick autographs from Manchester 1967

Here's a scrap book page containing the signatures of Syd & Rick, obtained here in Manchester when the band played at The Palace Theatre on the 26th November 1967. Sadly I had to wait 3 years to be born so wasn't present at the gig which I'm sure would have been mind bending had I actually managed to make my way down there. But not having any legs or arms, let alone a brain or body, prevented me from doing so! (I did try, believe me!)

A recent picture of 'The Palace Theatre' in Manchester, where these autographs were obtained.

The autograph obtainer, a named girl called Susie, also appears to have cut up a very rare copy of one of the very few colour 'Junkyard' photos in order to illustrate the scribbles. That's a shame as the only copy of that particular frame to surface was covered in biro and sellotape. It was also published as a mirror image, hence Rick looking the OTHER way! I did my best to clean it up using Photoshop and lots of MAGNIFY but the version below is the ONLY copy I've seen. I flipped it too so it displays as it was.

According to the book 'Embryo - A Pink Floyd Chronology' after this gig Syd, along with lighting people Peter Wynne-Wilson and Susie Gawler-Wright, went to visit the poet Neil Oram, one of the English beats. He had settled a few miles away in Haworth, the windswept hillside village best known as the home of the Bronte sisters and the setting for Wuthering Heights. I went to Haworth once not long ago, had no idea Syd had visited there too. Is this is the same Susie who got the autographs? Don't know why, if she knew the band, she'd be after their signatures. Probably not the same (adopts posh Pathe News announcer voice over) 'hip swinging 60s chick dancing away in the discotheque to the latest hits in her pop socks and latest fashion statements'.
Big thanks to Pete Moore for sending me the autograph pic.

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