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Monday, July 30, 2012

Pink Floyd Alexandra Palace 7-29-67

Pink Floyd Alexandra Palace
Pink Floyd Alexandra Palace - London, 7-29-67 with The Animals, Brian Auger Trinity with Julie Driscoll, Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Creation, Tomorrow, Blossom Toes, The Nervous System, Apostolic Intervention, Sam Gopal Dream, Ginger Johnson Overhead Lightshow

Another in a long line of largely forgotten 60s events, overshadowed by the more well known 14 Hour Technicolour Dream, which was staged at the same venue and on the same date in April.

Pink Floyd played their set as scheduled despite reports of Syd Barrett being "indisposed" - due to sitting in the dressing room in a state of catatonia. The band had to travel to the venue from Norwich, where they had played earlier in the evening.

Fortunately we have this excellent eyewitness report from Mike Godwin of Bath which clears up this matter...

"Yes, the Floyd did indeed play at that gig. However, it was the first Floyd performance that I had attended where I picked up any intimation that all was not going well in the group, as they played a notably uninspired set - a real contrast to the 'Games for May' show where they were at their stunning peak."

To read more about this show go HERE.

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