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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Set of Nine Pink Floyd Fillmore 1967 Tickets

Pink Floyd Fillmore
Pink Floyd Fillmore

Check out these nine Pink Floyd Fillmore 1967 tickets from their run in San Francisco. Actually, one set is from the Winterland. The first American tour was a disaster from the beginning. A first set of dates, scheduled for October 22 to November 1, had to be canceled when the band failed to get their work permits ready on time. Bill Graham was furious with the screw up and canceled dates, and threatened to ban the group for life if they didn’t make it back for the next set of shows. They returned to the Britain and did one off-gig as long as they were waiting around 10/28/67 Dunelm House, Durham University, Durham, Co. Durham, England.

But the 'Floyd DID make it back! According to Peter Albin, bass player of Big Brother and the Holding Company, Pink Floyd were at the Fillmore on Thursday, November 2nd, but did not play that night because all of their equipment had not yet arrived.

Check out this quote from somebody who was there:

As I replied to Chris earlier in an e mail. I saw the HP Lovecraft & Procol Harum show at Winterland either Friday or Saturday 11/10-11/1967. The Posters & Handbills would place PF in SF for three weeks? From October 26 through November 11. Three separate weekends?

The show I saw was strange. My friends I were huge fans of "Piper" yet something was wrong that night. I think Syd found some LSD in SF. They played most of the entire Piper LP. “Interstellar Overdrive” went on forever. The sound was a mess, Syd was 10 times louder than his mates and he could not control the feedback from his guitar. I remember this distantly from my vantage point from the balcony. Syd looked really wasted and Roger (the Band) looked really embarrassed by his performance. The lights were done by "Holy See" which was incredible. Needless they dressed incredible in Velvet & Satin jackets and pants (Like all UK acts during this era)

I also asked my friend Jeff who also attended this show (he now lives in Georgia) He remembered which show as we both have Art Of The Fillmore book's which were never accurate with the bills that BGP would always change especially with British groups. I remember HP Lovecraft at this show but not Procol Harum. I didn’t see them until Fillmore West. (Somebody else played that night I'm pretty sure)

Sadly this show that I witnessed was a big letdown. I have never forgot how bad I thought they were. I'll be on the look out for any photos.

To read more about these shows go HERE and HERE.

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