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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Roger Waters' Muse - Syd Barrett?

Syd Barrett
Syd Barrett
From Victor E Reyes in the Laughing Madcaps Facebook Group:

Roger Waters learned just about every thing he knows about music from Syd Barrett...Listen to the pristine brilliance of Piper and then the awkward imbalanced form of SFOS...How long did it take them to hit their stride again...Most people believe DSOTM was Pink Floyd's FIRST ALBUM. Which was an exploitative piece of shit that made a mockery of a man going through some very difficult times.

It's well known that the mention of the "old times" would give Syd anxiety attacks, unless his sister was fabricating the whole thing. Why do you think people were discouraged to quit their fucking stalking and camping on his lawn? Then Waters puts out this "dark" LP where lunatics were in the hall and on the lawn with the Boris Karloff or better yet Igor the hunchback laughter, making sport of it all, "you lock me up and throw away the key, there's someone in my head but it's not me." NICE one don't think RW was wondering how Syd might take THAT one???

If that's not sufficient, let's tour all over the fucking world and paste your picture upon 20' screens and see how the world views you now?? If indeed RW thought Syd was Schizophrenic (and he has been quoted) then he is either one of the stupidest (read: IGNORANT) men alive or the cruelest, since the disease is one of the most insidious mental conditions known to medical science. I'd like to hear his explanation of this piece of artistic sadism, known as "Dark Side of the Moon" ( Where the reference has always been about lunacy, not Astronomy!)

WYWH is really a patch work of poor, poor Roger's feelings of alienation from other people (read I can't relate to the idiots of the world) plus his feelings about RKB's breakdown where he ultimately refers to Syd's "cold steel rail" as opposed to the beauty of "a green field"....or a" smile from a veil" ..."Do you think you can tell"? These sound like rhetorical sarcasms rather than any tribute I've ever heard. The song is a left handed slap to RKB's face. Tribute my ASS. RW admitted the inspiration for the song came from visits to his dying mother who kept calling him by his father's name on her death bed. "And did you exchange a walk on part in a war, for a lead role in a cage?" Is it possible that Waters' main influences were his father and Syd, and was tremendously angry with them both for leaving him? How the fuck should I know?? Do I look like Sigmund Freud?

Ultimately he segues into "Crazy Diamond" which has become, tragically enough, Syd's anthem. I prefer "Jug Band Blues" where Syd, in a gentlemanly manner, tells them basically to shove it up their collective asses!

"I'm wondering who could be writing this song"?

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