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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pink Floyd Fillmore Auditorium 1967 Poster - Original Art

Pink Floyd Fillmore
Pink Floyd Fillmore
 Check out this original art for the poster promoting the Pink Floyd's 11/26-28/1967 run of shows at the Fillmore Auditorium. These concerts featured performances by the Floyd along with Lee Michaels and Clear Light. This is a one-of-a-kind artifact from the psychedelic sixties. This Pink Floyd Fillmore original art is by Bonnie MacLean for the BG90 poster. It was also the first Fillmore appearances by Pink Floyd. This was the infamous 1967 US Tour by Pink Floyd where, it is generally accepted, that Pink Floyd decided that they had to DO SOMETHING about Syd Barrett. Bill Graham was so "impressed" with them that he didn't book them again until 1969.

This image is hand drawn in pen & ink on thick illustration board and measures approx. 19" x 25". The image measures a full 14" x 21"; exactly the same size as the poster. Original art for many of these psychedelic posters exhibits a much finer detail than the final posters themselves and this one is no exception. It must be seen it in person to be fully appreciated. The piece remains in precisely the same, beautiful condition as the day it was completed over 45 years ago. Here's a direct quote from Bonnie about the creation of the image: "This poster had a two-fold inspiration: 1. England and 2. the name Pink Floyd; the name inspired the choice of a male figure; the English influence came from the work of the artist, William Morris, famous for his paisley fabric designs, which inspired the pattern on the jacket." Bonnie signed the work "in the plate" back when she originally created it and she has signed it once more at lower right, just above the bottom crop line, in the manner in which she would sign one of her paintings. See the additional photos of the signature and of Bonnie signing it in her studio.

A bit of history: in a cosmic twist of bittersweet irony, Bonnie's former husband Bill Graham unexpectedly presented her with all of her original poster art as a Christmas gift in 1990. Tragically, Bill would perish less than a year later in a helicopter crash, on October 25, 1991. To the best of my knowledge, only a tiny handful of pieces of original art for any Fillmore poster have ever been offered to the public, for one simple reason....Bill Graham retained them all. They are now in the permanent possession of Wolfgang's Vault, never to be shared with the public.
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Anonymous Steve Gibson said...

That's actually October 26, 27 and 28 -- 10/26-28/1967, not 11.

July 16, 2014 at 10:32 PM  

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