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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Discovery! What Record Syd Barrett Was Playing for the Mick Rock Photo Session

Syd Barrett
Syd Barrett
Have you ever wondered what Syd Barrett was playing for Mick Rock when he (Mick) came over to Syd's room to take The Madcap Laughs photos? Well... Two enterprising members of the Laughing Madcaps Syd Barrett group have sussed it out! LM Members -  Göran Nyström and Giulio Bonfissuto deserve some MASSIVE praise for that! It turns out Syd was spinning Taj Mahal - The Natch'l Blues on the Direction (Columbia subsidiary) label.

Syd Barrett
Syd Barrett
How did they figure this out? They are obsessive-compulsive Syd experts with too much time on their hands is how! They got down into the grooves! This LP was released December 23, 1968

Syd Barrett
Syd Barrett

Track Listing:

Side 1
    "Good Morning Miss Brown"
    "Corinna" (Mahal, Jesse Ed Davis)
    "I Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Steal My Jellyroll"
    "Going Up to the Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue"
    "Done Changed My Way of Living"

Side 2
    "She Caught the Katy (And Left Me a Mule to Ride)" (Mahal, Yank Rachell)
    "The Cuckoo" (Traditional)
    "You Don't Miss Your Water ('Til Your Well Runs Dry)" (William Bell)
    "Ain't That a Lot of Love" (Homer Banks, Deanie Parker)

    Taj Mahal - harmonica, Miss "National" steel bodied guitar, vocals
    Jesse Ed Davis - guitar, piano, brass arrangements
    Gary Gilmore - bass
    Chuck Blackwell - drums
    Al Kooper - piano
    Earl Palmer - drums

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