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Saturday, February 9, 2013

'Junkyard' photo shoot upgrades.

Thanks to Ewgeni Reingold who provided me with a link to a DVD copy of the Pink Floyd doc, the making of the album "Wish You Were Here", that contains these 2 Syd-era photo upgrades. 
These are from the 2nd October 1967 'Junkyard' photo shoot by Adrian Boot. The shot of the 4 sitting around a book is the 4th shot of this set up to surface. We've had Syd's face from this photo for years but not the whole group shot. There's still room for an upgrade as they didn't show the whole pic but panned across it while zooming out! I have reconstructed it as best I could. The shot of them sitting on the wall is a massive upgrade of this photo compared to what we had before. The close of Nick & Syd is from that same pic.
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