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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Syd Barrett Dominoes Analysis

OK, we know that Syd first spent time in a psychiatric ward right after Pink Floyd. I am guessing it was after the Jenner-Produced solo sessions in the Spring of '68 too but that's a GUESS. Maybe somebody can step up with further knowledge. But annnnnnnnnyway, Syd took to following Pink Floyd around England in his mini carrying enough drugs to get the whole North Korean Army loaded. He would get hopped upon speed and Listerine and then squirm down front and stare at David Gilmour; giving him those "dead fish eyes". Gilmour said it was quite unnerving.

After one of these gigs, Syd was speeding along in the cosmos, in his sunfighter space laser inducted ship, and a tree jumped out and hit him. He was removed from the wreckage a quivering, gibbering idiot and placed into a locked ward. I think this is where Dominoes comes from. See... I had a dear friend who went crazy and I used to visit him up on Cheney, at Hudson River State Hospital, Cheney was solid quarry stone and twenty stories tall. They said the higher you went, the longer you stayed. I will place a link to Cheney below the Dominoes link. Cheney is abandoned now.

Anyway, up in the locked ward my friend was on, the patients all used to sit around playing dominoes and staring out the window. That was Syd in the ward; staring out the window playing dominoes. The whole feel of the song has that psychotropic, mind numbing, calmness associated (so I am told) with being on shit like Thorazine and Haldol. My friend joked about walking the halls up in Cheney doing the "Haldol shuffle." He told me that, once, he got out and he walked up the stairs to the top floor. That's where they used to do all the "procedures" like orbital and frontal lobotomies. He said the metal tables with straps were still all there.

BTW, he's OK now and spent three weeks out in Phoenix visiting me last year. He has an apartment around Hyde Park, New York. He's a great guy and was a brilliant student AND Letterman in Track and Wrestling in high school. He became ill in college.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Extremely insightful, and have to agree. And similarly, also brings to the mind the mood in film "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

Thank you for continuing to add to the Barrett canon.

December 16, 2013 at 1:27 PM  

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