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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Syd Barrett Facebook Group Coming Up on 3,000 Members!

Syd Barrett Facebook
Syd Barrett Facebook
The Laughing Madcaps, Syd Barrett Facebook, Group is coming upon 3,000 members! The original group started waaaay back in 1998 on Yahoogroups. A few years ago, the group was moved to Facebook and has taken off. Laughing Madcaps is the source for Syd Barrett information in the world. 

Laughing Madcaps has put out THE unreleased Syd Barrett music collection for the fans. They did this for free. That's the world famous Have You Got It Yet?, 19 CD, collection. They have also assembled every single Syd Barrett, early Pink Floyd, picture and burned them to DVD for free. Pink Floyd themselves have consulted LM about images. Not only that, but their own Mark Jones has taken the time to create Folders in this group and copy all of these images into the Photos section so you can enjoy them. To list all of the accomplishments of this group, all that LM have done for the fans, would take a long, long time. And it's all been done for free. You have a lot to be thankful and grateful for.

Click on the image in this post to go and join!

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